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a racial post…

dont arrest me k?

i guess the more people i meet, or befriended, the more they are curious about what am i.

i am an alien. i came to singapore to suck all your human brains to transport back to planet ifyoubelievethisyouaresooooofuckingstupid.

yes. i am.

no lah! i’m not. ok. im mixed. im not pure chinese. im actually a half breed. (or a mongrel like STUPID MAKANGURU said. tmd u!)

i’m a mix of chinese + malay.

a chilay. and yes, the barrage of questions i had to answer since i started studying (macam never see mixed people before. tmd. i feel like im in a zoo!)

for the last time, i shall answer this so that if in the future anyone answers me this, ill pass this link to them. (if only i get a dollar everytime i get asked. damn. i could have gotten the ipod nano!)

i am mixed. chinese and malay.

the dad is chinese. the mum is malay.

i studied malay all my life. and have failed the language ever since i stepped into secondary school. i speak english. i can speak and understand very very very basic malay and i understand a teeeeeeeeeeeeeeny weeeeeeeeeeeeeny bit of chinese (self taught by watching too many chinese serials). so basically. i only speak english. not effectively bilingual or trilingual. oh well.

i have a malay name which im not telling you what it is. i DO NOT have a chinese name.

reason being. im not a boy, wont carry on the surname. sexist? shrugs. save me the trouble of writing a LONGER name during exams. im already writing an effing long name.

this is how long my name is: NADIA XXXXX XXXX XXXXX

effing long. too long for me that is.

but i dont use tat name during work. i go by Nadia Crystel. saves the trouble for everyone and save space on the namecard.

why crystel?

5 months ago, things changed. i needed a new start for everything in my life. i changed jobs, changed hair colour (i went jet black) and changed names.

shrugs. one of my emo times.

ok back to my race and what nots.

i am not a muslim. i know most malays are born muslims. infact i was a muslim. i think there is nothing wrong with the religion. i went for religious classes since i was 5. however i stopped when i was 11. then already, i knew that i didnt wanna to be a muslim.

however, this is not i want. i dont fully agree with the teachings. i guess i needed to find my own religion and what i believe in.

i dont wanna be a muslim who eats non halal food and dont prays. thats the greatest insult to the religion.

i guess im a free thinker. i believe in god but which religion, im still slowly seeking my path.

my mum knows about my decision. though she is immensely disappointed in me, she agrees that she wants me to fully embrace the religion than make a mockery of it.

i believe that everyone should do that. believe in your religion. dont mock it by saying your a XXXX and yet you eat beef/pork/whatnots.

but afterall, that is my own personal opinion.

so thats it.

im not a muslim due to personal choice. but who knows in the future? as im still seeking who i am and who i believe in.

this is all after all about myself and what i believe in. i hope no one would be offended by this.

there you go.

told you i was an alien.

12 thoughts on “a racial post…”

  1. nadia, u remember me? im ur primary school mate.. i been looking for u ups and down for years!! finally get to see u here.. remember me? ur 4D, 5D AND 6D classmate?? elfian bin sukiman.. reply me plzzzzzz to haizzz, gues wat i’ve been dreaming bout u tau since the day u separated with me after the getting the psle results..leave me with no phone no. or wat so eva.. im the one who wear specs to school, in case u still dont remember me.. juz yesterday i dreamt bout u, i told myself y i kept dreaming bout u…although i have a galfriend whom im with for the past 3+… plzzzz, i beg u plzzz reply me at my email k at… plzzz, i’ve been searching u high and low tau…hope u can still b in touch with me k..and my hp no. is 81391340… elfian bin sukiman…still remember when we used to play catching during recesss, haizzz miss u sooo much tau as a friend…. msg me k, tk cr n have a happy life k..


  2. I respect your religious choice a lot. I’m Chinese Malaysian.

    Nasib baik awak tidak dilahirkan di Malaysia. Otherwise sure end up in deep moose ka-ka. It’s BS – once born a Muslim, you can’t change. Which leads to all sorts of very real problems like inheritance, burial preferences, organ donation, property discounts, jail time. BS.

    Incidentally, my Chinese sucked, so I had to attend Higher Malay classes near MOE when I was in Singapore.

    Malay Singaporean chicks are the best and the friendliest. 🙂


  3. wow nadnut, i didn’t know u were chinese + malay. Me too…. but i have english name plus my chinese surname. usually people will ask my race coz i’m wearing ‘tudung’. It’s not considered ‘normal’ in malaysia. Usually those who wear tudung are malays with malay names. but what the heck i don’t care. i like the way i am.
    i attend chinese school so basically i can read,speak & write chinese, but my malay was good too. so i never felt that i belong to any particular race becoz people will always think that i’m ‘different’. yup, like you said- aliens!
    btw, i learn 2 different culture since i was small, so i guess it opens up my mind to respect other people’s race, religion, culture. maybe if people concentrate more on similarities rather than differences, this world will be a better place to live.


  4. ahh …

    tats explains ur big round eyes n ur tanned skin …

    boy, you are one good-looking alien ..
    I certainly dun mind having more of ur kind on Earth ..



  5. Its good to b open about ur religion and yes, I hate hypocrites who say they are ‘XXX’ but do all d stuff the religion forbids….
    Im a free thinker btw, just my observation 🙂


  6. ummmmmmm you are painfully hot,,, and,,,
    how tall are you,,,
    i meen seriously i cannot tell,,, the suit pic is what i found while googleing
    i repeat …you are painfully hot!


  7. heys, i kinda understand how you feel.
    im a mixed blooded too. not chinese, malay though.
    and i, too don’t do well for my chinese =.=”” cause i cant read and write it that well, but for speech i think im fine. but i find that sometimes people expect too much from mix blooded people, like being able to know so many differnt languages. it’s really irritating when you say “no, i dont know” and they will give you some stupid face. plus, a lot of people kinda see mix blooded people like aliens!!! ):

    for religion, im suppose to be hindu, and i too, dont really see eye to eye with their way of teaching and not being able to eat beef and im a food lover.


  8. What a coincidence!?!?
    my name is nadia and I’m a mixed chinese malay as well!
    I’m still a Muslim and I’m proud of that.

    I’m reallllyyyy sorry for your decision to become a freethinker. Wasn’t at the age of 11 was too young to decide about changing religion? In fact, for that matter I’m kinda impressed with your maturity for that age.

    I do wonder which part of the teachings that u do not fully agree with?

    forgive me if my comment is insulting your feeling. It is not my intention to do that. After all, u r a free thinker, I assumed u r a very open-minded person and accepts any comments, no matter how abusive they can be.

    I pray for u and May Allah Bless u!


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