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While I don't consider myself a gamer per se, I can't exactly call myself a non-gamer. Contradicting isn't it?

During my younger days, I used to spend hours playing Counterstrike with the BSC gang (Business studies club, think of it as a student union for the Business school. Yes, yours truly was super involved in such activities back in poly) every weekend. We would derive pleasure in basically shooting each other and suffering from horrible deaths. (Damn those snipers.) I was then introduced to Diablo 2 and I remember spending countless of hours in the BSC room playing and leveling up.

After poly, it seemed that my gaming days were over. Until well, Tiger then introduced me to many games. Dating a gamer have its hazards too. We would spend many "dates" in the world of Gunbound back then. After getting bored of Gunbound, we progressed to Maplestory. Till this day, I can't fathom why I had agreed to spending so many hours chasing mushrooms, slimes and iron pigs in Maplestory instead of actually going out on proper dates. While Tiger moved to well, more adult games or hardcore games as you call it, I refused to try World of Warcraft. It doesn't make sense to me to pay money for a game! Games should be free! If you wanna charge money, then charge for the perks e.g. cute costumes whatsoever.

And that is why, I do not consider myself a real gamer. (Despite the fact that I soon worked in a gaming company and played countless of games during working hours. It had to be one of the best jobs ever!)

So while I'm not a hardcore gamer, then what would you call me?

I usually get hooked onto mini games (mostly cute charbor games) for a while and would play it 24/7 and afterwards get bored of it and move on to the next one.

Case in point: Travian, Pet Society, Restaurant City and now, The West.

So what do you call these?

Social gaming!

And guess what? This weekend, there will be a Social gaming workshop at Licence2play!

It'll be on 23rd May at Suntec Convention Room 307 at 6pm for those who are interested.

A new category of gamers are created with online networking sites like facebook, friendster, and Hi5, etc. Less intense than games like DOTA or World of Warcraft, social games are casual bite-sized as they only take minutes per session, Join Bjorn Lee, a self-confessed Facebook fanatic and web entrepreneur, as he dives deep into the world of these increasingly popular ‘gaming snacks”.

For more information on License2play, check out Nic's post here.

And if you're interested, you can signup for FREE if you email your details to my friend, Nic at:  nicholas@scoga.org

- Name
- Organisation
- Email
- Mobile Number

I think it sounds really interesting! Go for it! Have fun gaming folks! And introduce some bite sized games to me! 😉


Actually I found out about the game a long long time ago when I was working in a gaming company. We usually get updates about upcoming games and other information almost daily. And one day, most of us were going "OMG!", "WTF is this?!" at this particular game. (nobody tried the game, btw!)

I totally forgotten about it till today.


You know how some games have a plot or a mission e.g. Kill monsters, get out of the island, cook all dishes fantastically, rescue a princess etc?

Well, this WTF game is a SEX game.

It's a MMO game and the main plot/mission/aim of the game is just to have sex. And oh, make friends too.

ERM. WTF right? So while humping each other like rabbits in the game, you can make small talk with your partner/fling/fb.

Imagine this:

Girl: 'oh ooh yes yes!, oh what's your name again?'
Guy: 'that's good baby! Oh it's longdick27. a/s/l pls. go lower now!'
Girl: I'm shebangsbangs 24/f/sg.

I wanted to take screenshots and put captions but I decided to not pollute this site.

So.... Here's the link to the trailer and here's the link to a writeup about the game. Go have fun shagging.

I have a request! Can GamerGirlFriday pls try out this game for this/next week's column?! :p