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As promised, I'll tell you more about the new products Majoromantica and Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo!

Majoromantica is a limited edition perfume. It's different from other perfumes because of it's thick consistency.

Look at the beautiful bottle! If you're wondering, why there's a spatula, as mentioned earlier, because of its thicker consistency, it cannot be sprayed. Instead, use the spatula to apply directly on your skin.

Don't you think the spatula looks like the wand in the latest Harry Potter movie?

I love the fragrance, love the combination of fruity and musky scent. For those who are interested, here are the notes.

TOP NOTE: Juicy & Fruity
Juneberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Rum Bud, Apple, Fig, Mangosteen, Bergamot, Lemon and Mandarin

MIDDLE NOTE: Floral Sweet
Rose, Sweet Pea, Jasmine, Muguet and Gardenia.

LAST NOTE: Sweet & Mysterious
Vanilla, Maple, Brown Sugar, Sandalwood and Musk.

Where do you usually spray/dab your perfume?

I usually spray/dab at my wrists...

The neck area...

And last but not least..

Chest area.

I know spraying at the neck and wrist areas helps make the perfume last longer because these are pulse points.

How about yourself? Where do you usually spray/dab your perfume at?

Grab the limited edition Majoromantica from leading Watsons outlets before they are all gone! Majoromantica retails at $23.90. 🙂

If you are wondering about my my makeup, yes I'm using Lash Gorgeous Wing in RED!

Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo which I've introduced in the previous chapter, comes in a red solution for this festive season and retails at $25.90. It's a blend of jet-black fibers and red mascara solution. I decided to try out the mascara and match with my other favourite Majolica Majorca items.

I used the following items too:

Jeweling Eyes PK 785. Very sweet pink eyeshadow.

Honey Pump Gloss PK 110.

Added the red lippie from the Red Midnight Dresser.

And the Neo Automatic Liner RD544

Here's the complete look!

What do you think? Is it too OTT? or do you think it could have been more drama mama?

Here's my RED look for Xmas/New Year! Try out your very own red look and do share the links here! I wanna see!

Psssst. This top will be featured on my Cheap Thrills post. Keep a lookout for it!


I was bummed that I missed out on this chapter's meeting as I heard the girls had so much fun creating their very own dreamweaver! 🙁 Ah well!

Anyway! This chapter is inspired by A Midsummer's Night Dream and there's elements of romance and dreamy looks incorporated in this chapter!

There are basically a lot of limited edition items launched and they are categorised into two parts!

The first being the "Blooming Dreamer Day Look!"

The items to create this look are:

Perfect Auto Liner (Sap Spell) (Retails at $19.90) is a white base eyeliner with a tinge of violet. Makes the eyes look bigger and gives an "innocent bright eye" look.

The Midday dreamer day look (Retails at $25.90) is a pink gradation eye shadow palette. I love the special eye gloss and brings a pearly 3d effect. Doesn''t make the eye makeup look cakey and has a watery effect!  The silver and the pink shadow colours gives a very sweet look. Like a dahlia flower!

Lash  Enamel Glamour Volume On (Retails at $19.90) is a beautiful violet mascara. It has a lovely shade of deep violet and gives a thick, lustrous and dreamy lashes effect.

I really like the day look especially the Perfect Auto Liner. Definitelly something different for MJ!

For the Blooming Dreamer Night Look, here are the two lovely items!

We have lots of Perfect Automatic Liner (Retails at $19.90) in various colours but never in violet! When I got this item, I was very excited! I'm a big fan of purple and I love the effect of the black based laced with a tinge of violet pearls. Favourite MJ item of the moment!

The Midnight Dreamer Night look (Retails at $25.90) comes in shades of violet instead. With the gloss and shadow, I love the mysterious and alluring look!

Here's how to use it! Try it!

These items are available at selected Watsons outlets if you spend at least S$50 in a single receipt, you'll get the exclusive MJ Pouch! Choose from Pink or Purple. While stocks last!

For special promotions, do check out MJ's counter at Tampines Mall atrium from 21/06 - 27/06 AND the FB fanpage!

Vote for your favourite look! Do you prefer the day or night look? Vote and explain why you like the look in less than 50 words and you'll stand a chance to win a MJ press kit directly imported from Japan that we don't even get! 🙁

The MJ ambassador with the most number of votes gets to choose the winning entry! Contest ends 30/06. Comment nao!


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MJ offered me a contract for 2010 and I HAD to take it. Free makeup, latest launches and great company, what's not to like?

Especially when I need not buy makeup ever for a while. I swear I have makeup to last more than 2 years! I should take some pictures of my collection and post it up!

For Chapter 26, the theme was "She was a doll". Think of dolly eyes, long lashes, cutesy look! That's this chapter's theme!

As usual, MJ launches are always fun! This time, they gave us cutesy ddung dolls which the girls went bonkers over!

Plus they brought in a Frolick machine!

Super duper cute lah!

For this chapter, they launched a few items but I'll break it into a few entries! For this entry, let's talk about the key items!

Remember Lash bone? We have a revamped version this time! It's now Lash Bone Black Fiber In ($24.50)! This version really primes your lashes for more definition, greater length and density and maximum thickness! Not only that, it's formulated with Jet-Black Fiber formula (which is invented by Shiseido) which gives you a semi-translucent base, so you do not see any white residue  on your lashes after application!

The other key item is the Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On ($25.90). With a single application, it gives an instant thick, glossy & doll-like look to your lashes! The new advanced mascara is formulated with thick jet-black fibers, Volume Up Powder and gloss oil for instant volume! One of the most unique bit about the Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On is the double comb. It has thick and fine teeth to help separate while thickening lashes perfectly!

I tried it out and here are the results!

I like! I'm also using the new eyeshadow palette PK722. It has beautiful pastel tones.

Very light and suitable for day makeup!

The other shade is BL711 which has more cool shades.

I like it! I think that it gives me a very refreshing look!

Yanny and me! Which do you prefer on me? Check out this month's issue of CLEO! Both Huirong and myself is in it!

Jeweling Eyes retals at $27.50 and are available at most Watsons outlets! Go grab them now!