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I was born with dark brownish, almost black eyes and while I like my eye colour, I do feel bored with them sometimes. Why settle with what you're born with?

I don't believe in settling with what I have. I like playing around with it. For example, my hair has been through lots of dye jobs and various treatments. Recently I chopped my hair short and had it permed. Drastic change!

I love changing my eye makeup. Some days I'll be sporting a green look and sometimes a smokey eyes look. Sticking to the same look is so boring! So why not change your eye colour? It's almost the same as changing your clothes!

CIBA VISION has kindly sent me some FreshLook coloured contact lenses and I decided to try different eye shadow looks with them! Here's showcasing the three new colours!

For the FreshLook Sterling Grey lens, I decided to try it with not too much makeup.

I paired it with light brown eyeshadow and a bit of liner. A very natural look. Most of my friends prefer this colour on me the most!

My personal favourite would have to be the FreshLook Gemstone Green!

It's more eyecatching than Sterling Grey and I had fun matching my eyeshadow to the colour!

I matched a smokey green look with these lenses and while I thought the colour of the lenses were rather eye catching in pictures, some of my friends thought it was natural! I guess, it was easy to match and wasn't too outlandish!

The FreshLook Brilliant Blue lenses on the other hand could not be missed.

I say, totally play up your makeup if you're going with a strong colour. Go with smokey eyes, put on some falsies and go all out. The Brilliant Blue is all about being eye catching and being noticed! Go all out!

So what's your favourite colour on me? I have more colours! Perhaps I'll post it up some other day!

Do check out FreshLook Colourblends! Not sure of what colour will suit you? Why not try the FreshLook Colour Studio? Have fun! Do check out the Facebook page for FreshLook too!

Wanna win a pair of FreshLook lenses? Tell me which colour (any colour of the Colourblends lenses, there are 12 colours!) suits you best and why! 5 pairs to be won!



I've got really exciting news to share! I've been chosen as one of the judges for the Freshlook contest! Do you know that FreshLook is the world's best selling cosmetic contact lenses by Ciba Vision?

Psssst! Freshlook is currently looking for the most beautiful eyes! Do you think that you have them? You should totally join! It's really easy! All you have to do is take some pictures! (which is a fantastic excuse to camwhore imho!) Just remember, it has to be unedited pictures wor! Don't cheat and take pictures with lenses! We'll know!

Just submit your photos by 29 November here and who knows? You might be walking away with a year's worth of Freshlook Cosmetic Colour lenses!

Didja know that Freshlook Colourblends has launched 3 really lovely eye-catching colours? They are: Brilliant Blue, Gemstone Green and Sterling Gray!

My next Freshlook entry will have pics of me using the new colours! Look out for it soon! And in the meantime, join the contest!