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I wonder if you guys still remembered the HP TouchSmart contest I held on my blog (along with some other bloggers) some time ago?

Anyway here's my take (and the crazy amount of pictures taken) at the event itself.

When Daryl emailed me to invite me for the HP TouchSmart event, I felt really excited because I'm currently loving everything "touchy" be it from my Ipod Touch to my DS Lite (or affectionately named naDS Lite) to my current LG Phone which has this nifty Touch Media thingy (which by the way I really abuse the Magic Ball function everyday) to my current laptop which is a HP Tablet PC.

Aside from that, the event was held at Brotzeit. I have heard so much about the place but have never been there before. Daryl promised food and drinks and asked all of us to bring our appetite. (Personally that really was the catch to a HUGE foodie like me. *cough just kidding!*

Yours truly got really trigger happy so please bear with me as I insert loads of pics inside this post. (There is a reason why my namecard has "Camwhore Enthusiast" on it.)

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