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Today's cheap thrill is another freebie that comes with a magazine! I first saw the magazine when I was browsing in Kinokuniya with Jacelyn.

When I first saw the freebie on the cover, I was intrigued! It looked pretty decent! Felt material and a good size unlike the Agnes B bag..

I deliberated over it and decided not to buy it that day. Went home, googled a bit and liked what I saw and I bought it the next day!

Here's the unboxing pics!


Close up of the pocket. Pretty good felt material!

(Dress by TheBlogShop)

I absolutely adore the bag. Even more than the Agnes B bag! But then, this magazine was definitely more expensive than Steady's. The Fred Perry Autumn & Winter 2010 Collection Book retails at $28.70. Borrowed Jacelyn's Kinokuniya card and I got 10% off. Whee!

The Collection Book however isn't like the typical Japanese magazines with the nice tutorials etc. It showcases Fred Perry fashion (like duh! It's a collection book!)

So don't expect much from it.

Some pics..

Hello Amy Winehouse!

Wished that I have the legs (and the height) to carry this off.

Chio! Go get your Fred Perry bag now!

If you know of any cheap thrills or would like to showcase your product, please contact me here.


My first "Cheap thrills" piece!

I decided to start writing about my cheap thrills because friends were bemoaning about how expensive items are getting. While as much as I love having quality items, I'm more of a quantity person!

Which explains why I always spend very little for each item e.g. clothes, accessories etc. Only once in a blue moon, I would splurge on an item.

So whenever I find something which is cheap (to me), I'll share them!

My first item isn't a clothing item! Wahahahaha! It's a magazine!

If you've visited Kinokuniya, you would have seen thousands (ok, not thousands, i'm exaggerating!) of Japanese magazines with lovely freebies. They always come with some beautiful bag, umbrellas, pouches or makeup!

I first found out about Steady Magazine from Evonnz when she tweeted about it.

It comes with a lovely Agnes B bag and bag hook!

Needless to say, I trotted over to Kinokuniya and bought a copy of Steady Magazine, December Issue at $17.50.

Unboxing pictures.

The bag hook is so pretty!

I thought the bag would have been bigger but it's a cute size. Perhaps to dapao lunch to work? :p

I think for $17.50 for a nice bag, a bag hook and a magazine is quite worth it! Bag hooks are usually more than 10 bucks? If you don't like it, pack it up for a gift!

For those who were wondering, Steady Magazine has lots of pictures of clothings, makeup, etc

I spy sister brand Ettusais!

And here's my cheap thrill for the day! What's yours? If you have any, please share them with me!