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1. Dressed to impress

We are all dressed and styled by TANGS. We were given a $500 budget to spend and all of us look fantastic in our respective outfits. We all have a unique style and it is apparent from our outfits. Here's mine!

I'm wearing a jumpsuit, tshirt and jacket from Tokidoki and a cap from Superdry.

2. Pampered by Kiehl's

As mentioned in one of my earlier entries, we have pampered by Kiehl's with some great products and good loving by the Kiehl's boys.

3. Blogging on the....

We are currently blogging on the Lenovo U350 powered with Intel. While Lenovo U350 is rather sleek in design and is rather slim, unfortunately it runs on Vista, not my preferred weapon of choice.

4. Wild Cards.

We are all given a wild card which buys us 15 minutes. We can use the 15 minutes in anyway we want however if we choose not to use it, we gain 15 points. A tough choice for everyone.

5. Living Areas

There are 4 living areas decorated in various designs. The most spacious would have to be the Kiehl's space where most groups get to spend a good 12 hours there unfortunately Jayden and I are the only team to spend 6 hours there. 🙁

6. Toilet break.

Toilet breaks are extremely precious to us. We only have 10 minutes every 2 hours.

7. We come in all shapes and sizes

All 10 of us are chosen based on our various "expertise" in fashion and technology.

8. Coffee, Tea or Me?

Throughout this whole competition, the only drinks served are coffee, tea or water. Rather unfortunate for this blogger who drinks neither coffee or tea

9. Madness starts at 4am, Sleepiness kicks in at 7am.

Everyone started going hyper at 4am. Unfortunately, the worst period came at 7am where everyone was almost nodding off.

10. Night at the Tangs

Unlike at the Night at the Museum, the only "things" coming to life are the bloggers. While we had mad ideas of running around screaming or trying out all of the makeup, perfumes and all, we were kept in line by the very friendly crew.

And that's about it! Last 1.5 hours to go!!!!!


Sometimes I wonder why do I even want to torture myself. When Brian from Ogilvy called me regarding the blogathon, I was half asleep and drowsy. What had seemed like a fun thing back then is now worrying me.

When I heard that 10 bloggers including myself would have to stay awake for 24 hours and well, blog, I thought it would be a fun thing to do. It sounded like a simple test of endurance. I agreed and thought nothing much of it. Yes, it is a contest and we stand a chance to win cool stuff but I knew immediately, I wasn't playing to win. I just wanted to prove to myself that I could do this.

And then.... as the days crept nearer, I found it highly impossible that I'll be able to stay awake for 24 hours. I tried on Monday to stay awake as long as I could and I cloaked 18 hours. Well, I did take a nap in between though so... I think 18 hours is already stretching it.

Some people around me exclaimed that 24 hours was NOTHING to them, which made me feel even more stressed.

I'm the kind of girl who sleeps in exams and lectures. I sleep anywhere and anytime and I really sleep like the dead. Some of the people who traveled with us during the Unexpected Australia trip could attest to this. I even slept through a bus tour! (And I was seated right infront!) LOL.

Coupled with the fact that this week has been an extremely stressful week for myself, alamak, confirm jialat jialat. I could only count on the fact that my buddy Jayden promised to smack me (I think he's enjoying this lor) if I should nod off. Pffft.

For those who are thinking, "What the heck is this nadnut talking about, simi blogathon ah? siao ah!", here's a brief introduction to the blogathon.

When is it: It'll be held on this coming Friday 17th 6pm till Saturday 18th 6pm.

Who's involved: 10 bloggers including myself will be involved.

1. Claudia is very passionate about social media and owns her own business 24seven.
2. DK is part of Tech65 and is a tech guru who spews out terms that yours truly could never understand. *flips hair*
3. Fashion Nation (Dottie/ Stephie) One of the popular fashion blogs in Singapore, Dottie and Stephie are two sweethearts who love/live/breathe fashion.
4. Hillary Chan is a happy go lucky gal who is passionate about saving the environment, one tree at a time.
5. Jayden One of my closest blogging buddies, Jayden is extremely talented and does fab designs and videos!
6. Melly's blog has very lovely pictures that aims to tell a story thru them.
7. Nadia.
8. Nicholas Aaron Khoo is an avid gamer and techie. He writes for CNET and is also an enthusiast in social media.
9. Sheryo is not only pretty but also talented. She does really cool illustrations.

What's going on: We'll be expected to blog about certain topics on the microsite and also fulfill some challenges. We're doing this bootcamp style. There will be no napping, dozing off allowed and we're allowed 10 mins toilet breaks after every 2 hours. (die la!)  There will be 2 winners: Judges' Choice and People's Choice.

Judges’ Choice: Total number of posts and comments generated each with a minimum of 140 words and 140 characters respectively

People’s Choice: Most number of unique votes collected at the event

Where will it be: Tangs, Orchard. 310 & 320 Orchard Road. We're in the windows display. Yes, you read it right. LOL.

How can I help: You can either vote for me if you're in town or comment on my blog posts, links will be shared when I have access to the site. On Saturday 12 noon, friends can stop by to feed me. (Bring red bull please!). You can be updated about what's going on by either following my twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nadnut or search for the hashtag #bthon in twitter.

What's in it for me: For one of the challenges, it'll be retweeting a message. The first 20 twitterers who registers on-site will win a $50 TANGS voucher! The challenge starts at 10.15am on Saturday. So do come by!

Aside from that, I don't think I'll win but if I do by some fluke of nature, I'll be conducting a lucky draw and I'll give away some prizes! Maybe the U350 too!

That's the contest mechanics in a nutshell. Do stay tuned for more information soon! Don't forget to support my buddy Jayden too!

In the meantime, any tips on trying to stay awake for 24 hours would be much appreciated! And I don't drink coffee at all. 🙁

Anyway, here's the behind the scenes video!

I did not intentionally scratch Claudia! 🙁