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I have had thin hair since forever. In fact, I have a M shape hairline since I was young. I could show you my IC pic where my obvious hairline-which-looks-like-hairloss but it's really such an ugly pic that I can't.

In fact, my colleague points and laughs at it whenever she sees it. >.< NOT FUNNEH!

Somehow throughout the years, my hair seems to be thinner and thinner. Kinda worrying you know! What if I bald! What if my m shape hairline becomes worse? Am I losing hair or is this normal? Does colouring my hair excessively contribute to my hair loss?

The boyfriend himself has his fair share of hair woes. He has been having dandruff problems for a while now and despite using many products, the dandruff is still there. He also has white hair. 🙁

Both of us were moaning and groaning about our hair woes when we found out about Yun Nam Hair Care.

Yun Nam Hair Care is a well-known household name for more than two decades, firmly believes in using natural herbs to improve hair health. Their  customised hair treatments have helped countless male and female customers to recover from various hair problems.

Thus began Ching Chong Boy's and my journey with Yun Nam Hair Care!

Yun Nam Hair Care

Yun Nam hair care

First we had a one-on-one meeting with a dedicated consultant. My Consultant (Michelle) examined both Ching Chong Boy's and my hair thoroughly to identify the causes of our hair problems.

Yun Nam hair care
Explaining to my Consultant (Michelle) about my "balding" spot
Yun Nam hair care
Michelle examining my hair

After examining my hair with a computerised scalp analysis, Michelle explained to me my hair problems.

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