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As some of you guys may know, I suffer from eczema. As such, I am pretty particular to what I put on my skin. Am afraid to aggravate my skin. My eczema started on my back and slowly has hit my arms and legs on really bad days. While it has yet to have hit my face, it's better to be safe and not sorry!

I was introduced to Atorrege AD+ a month ago by the kind folks from Nuffnang. After doing some research, I learned that Atorrege AD+ was actually launched to treat urban skin diseases due to changes in environment and unhealthy living habits. Aside from that, I realised that their products are made using natural herbal extracts and innovative nanotechnology, for today's sensitive skin like mine! As an eczema sufferer (though my case is not as major as some of my friend's), I'm very scared to trigger my eczema further. Knowing that Atorrege AD+ is targeted at sensitive skin, made me feel much better!

Their products do not contain fragrance, colourants and paranbens which is one main reason why it's suitable for sensitive skin like mine. Some fragrance and other ingredients actually trigger a reaction for sensitive skin. The products are both allergy and internal cellular tested. Two of their main active ingredients used are the hamamelis extract and soybean extract.

How do you guys remove your makeup currently? For me, I'm a huge fan of the double cleansing method.

While some may prefer using just a one step method, I personally prefer this popular Japanese skincare routine! I feel 'cleaner' after the two-step method! I've used the Atorrege AD+ Mild Cleansing and Face Wash Foam as my daily routine for the past 3 weeks!


The first and most important step in my opinion is removing makeup!

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