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I do this every year and this year will not be an exception. 🙂

- Started off as a Blackberry user, had upgraded from the BB 9700 to the BB Torch and at the end of this year? Swopped over to the iPhone gang. -_-".

- The craze of Staycations continued. Quincy Hotel, Grand Park City Hall Hotel, Five Stones Hostel and Oasia Hotel.

- Changed jobs. Had a good time at Pepperconn, really missed the folks and offizcat! Am back at Asiasoft 🙂

- Turned 27. Had an early surprise birthday celebration with the girls. ChingChongBoy wowed me on the day itself.

- Changed hair colour drasticallllllly! Decorated the ugliest cake ever.

- Started doing tutorials: Newspaper nails, Salmon nails, Polka dot nails, Removing glitter nail polish,

- Was a Whisper Ambassador. Had a lovely pampering session for my readers. 🙂

- Attended my first rally. Spoofed Tin Pei Ling again and again. Voted for the first time ever!

- Traveled to Batam, KL with BFF, Star Virgo to Ho Chi Minh and Redang,

- Celebrated ChingChongBoy's bday.

- Flewwwwwww at iFly! Took up dance lessons at Mosaic Dance.

- Ran my first half marathon. Attended NAPBAS.

- ChingChongBoy proposed! Shocked! Am now engaged. hurhur.

It's been a great 2011 so far! Hope 2012 will be a better year! 😉