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Remember my first 10km post and the what's in my bag post? Did another 2 more 10km runs this year. Altogether I've done 3 this year! Shape, GE10k and Stanchart!

I think I should really start training and improve my timing. Perhaps go for the 21km within the next two years?

Jio-ed Gracey for the GE10k, I thought Jolin signed up but didn't see her! Pictorial entry hre!

Made the poor ching chong boy wait for me. :p

Hehhee he looks so grumpy! I dunno why was he using my headphones that way...

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This year would be my 2nd year running the 10km run for the Stanchart Marathon. Last year I had gone with the mothership. This year she’ll be going too but with her colleagues this time and I’ll be running with ching chong boy.

Am pretty impressed by the race pack.

Last year I didn’t get a racepack because I substituted the mothership’s colleague at the very last minute as she couldn’t attend.

Here’s the goodies from the race pack this year!

The good!

- The standard bib and race singlet
- Mary Chia voucher which one can choose between an illuminating race spa or an intensive body contouring retailing at $120
- Urban Homme voucher which one can choose between an illuminating race spa or an intensive body sculptor also retailing at $120.
- Not only that, there’s a 7 day unlimited pass to Pure Fitness.

Am pretty psyched over the Mary Chia and Urban Homme vouchers. Woohoo! Hope there’s no other terms and conditions.

Part 2 of the goodies.

- Yummy Nature Valley bar
- Samples from Ocean Health
- A Limited edition NETS card!

And the not-so-good.

It also comes with a small bottle of SilkBath and discount vouchers for Ben & Jerry’s and OSIM & GNC.

The not so nice vouchers are: a discount booklet for Sentosa (which sadly expires by 31 December 2010 and can only be used from Mondays - Fridays) and a $5 voucher for RWS (with a minimum spending of $100).

What have you guys done to prep yourselves for the run?

I have:

  • Sadly misplaced my Sony walkman. So it’s time to use the iPod Touch. Have revamped my songs list.
  • Downloaded some cool Blackberry apps like the: Calorie Counter (presumely to count my calories but I have’t started. Oops), miCoach( to track my runs) and In Case of Emergency (To save important information about myself, blood type, allergies and other medical conditions.)
  • A small pouch to put my essentials. $$, phone and mp3 player.
  • Enough sleep. The last few runs, I slept barely 4 hours. This time, I’m determined to get at least 6!
  • Keep myself hydrated.
  • To grab a small bite before the run on Sunday.

Am excited to be doing this with the boy but I haven’t trained. In fact, my last run was during the Great Eastern Run

What are your tips for a run? Do share them with me!