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[Invited tasting]

The kind folks from The Boiler (courtesy of Carrie) invited Esther, Fidelis and I to a tasting at The Boiler with our partners! I was extremely excited about it as I LOVE SEAFOOD! Especially since it's Louisiana Style Seafood!




The Boiler is actually located near in Tai Seng and is an industrial themed restaurant. Immediately when I stepped in, I loved the place! Skai aka c(hubby) and I are expecting our Punggol BTO next year and we kinda decided on a modern industrial theme! We loved the looks of The Boiler!


While it was a joint food tasting with many other awesome bloggers, we 6 managed to sit together! Perks of coming early!


Leon and my BBF (best booby friend) Fidelis! Also our fellow Punggol neighbour!


Esther and Steve who might also be our neighbours!


And boring old us. #nadskai


We ordered some drinks to start with. Beerita, a combi of a beer+margarita for c(hubby) and my favourite Somersby for myself!


And the next thing we knew, we had a huge amount of food on our table!


The Fish & Chips ($12.90) were so good! The chips were not your normal fries and were shaped in a way that it was so easy to scoop sauce. I don't know how best to explain this but it's seriously a must order in my humble opinion!


We also tried the Bacon Shrimp ($11.90), Louisiana Spicy Mid Joint Wings ($8.90) and Southern Chicks & Waffles ($9.90). While they were tasty, the Fish and Chips totally stole the whole show amongst the starters.




We had the pleasure of trying The Boiler's Duo Bag ($49) which serves two and consists of prawns, mussels, clams, corn, sausages and buns. I really enjoyed this and thought it was extremely value for money for the size of the prawns!



We also tried The Boiler's Bombdiggity Bag ($139) which serves 4 pax. The Bombdiggity Bag consists of Dungeness/Brown crab, prawns, mussels, clams, corn, sausages and buns. Esther raved over this bag as it contains her favourite crab!


My personal favourite however was the Lobster!


Look at the size of the lobster!




Currently there's a promo for the Lobster at $49! We loved it so much that we couldn't help but to order a second serving!


We ordered the Lobster AND The Boiler's Duo Bag! We also tried all 3 of their homemade sauces: The Works, Garlic Butter and Peppa' Butter!

The Works was the spiciest of the lot and made my tongue tingle! Esther loved the Peppa' Butter sauce while I personally preferred the Garlic Butter sauce! Honestly, I'm bias to anything with garlic!


I really enjoyed The Boiler and I think the rest did too! Some of us are already planning for the next outing there! Am hoping to try The Lobsicle this time!

Check out Esther's review of The Boiler here!

About The Boiler
Owned by bankers-turned restaurateurs,“The Boiler” is a Southern American-inspired seafood joint that serves up fresh seafood in Louisiana style known as Seafood Boil. It aims to ignite your five senses by bringing back the harmonious spirit of fresh tasty seafood and unassuming dining atmosphere all under one roof.

The Boiler Pte Ltd
18 Howard Road
#01-06, Novelty Bizcentre Singapore 369585
(t) 6635 1285

Opening hours:
Closed on Monday
Sunday to Thursday (5:30pm to 10.30pm) Friday and Saturday (5:30pm to 12.00am)

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[Invited Event]

While honestly, this was an invited event, I wasn't paid nor am I obligated to write this. I am truly a huge fan of Somersby! Like touch my heart, sumpah, huge fan kind!

The previous Somersby event I attended was a food tasting event at Bliss Restaurant where they had incorporated Somersby Apple Cider into their dishes!

This time, they invited Skai (otherwise known as c(hubby) on my blog) and myself for a Summertime Cookout with Somersby at Crab in Da Bag! I have been meaning to check out Crab in Da Bag actually! It's located at Big Splash and I pass by there very often when I go for my Yoga lessons at Updog Studio!

Before we began, pictures with their lovely Photowall area!



I was intentionally dressed in blue and white as I remembered the decor of Crab in Da Bag, nautical themed! Picture with Rachie and Michelle!


IMG_3685We were given our very own apron and also armed with both Somersby Apple Cider and Pear Cider during our 'cooking expedition'


First up, Salted Egg Prawns!



Liquid courage for yours truly. Truth to be told, while I graduated with a Diploma in Hospitality Management and had served 6 months in a restaurant during my poly times, I fumble quite a bit in the kitchen.


I will never be a domestic goddess. I am messy as hell and I hate to clean. Coupled with the fact that I suck in the kitchen, honestly I wonder at times why did my Virgo (i.e. clean freak) hubby married me.


In any case, TOO LATE! 😛


It was an enjoyable time cooking actually! I drizzled Somersby at the end for a touch of lovely juicy sweetness.



I also had the opportunity to sample Somersby's latest flavour: Pear which is made with 22.5% real pear juice, with no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colourings. Originating from a Danish recipe, it stands out from the usual staples of predominantly- dry ciders with its uncomplicated sweetness. For those wanting a fruity flavoured cider with a breath of freshness, the first taste will be like biting into a fresh pear, followed by a crisp and subtle hint of natural sweetness.


Somersby Apple and Pear Cider retails at all leading supermarkets and hyper marts at $16.80 for a pack of four bottles.

After the cookout, we were treated to a feast!



We were treated to the Caboodle Boil which in the picture above, serves 3-4 pax and is priced at $299.


The Caboodle Boil consists of Boston Lobster, Sri Lankan Crabs, King Crab Legs, Yabbies, Tiger Prawns, Venus Clams, Sausages, Corn on the Cob, Potatoes and Onions boiled in their classic blend of Louisiana herbs and spices. It is also accompanied with various dips!


Accompanied with Somersby Cider, it was one of our most fulfilling and sumptious meals ever!


Thank you Somersby for the fantastic opportunity! We will definitely be back to dine at Crab in Da Bag and of course order Somersby! (I already order Somersby everywhere I go :p)

If you'll like to check out Crab in Da Bag, here are the details:

Crab In Da Bag
(a) 902 East Coast Parkway, Big Splash Block D Unit, #01-25 S(449874)
(t) +65 6440 0083

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