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Airpork plurked about this and it is too funny not to share!

This is so true! My family always leave the TV on and they will do their own things. They once even went for a nap and the TV was still on! Granted that I was in the living room on my computer but I wasn't watching TV!

HAHAHA! I wanna go clubbing on Halloween! But I can't! GE10k is on the next day. zzz..

I remember the times I'll be bored to death watching Tiger game. Thank god Ccb doesn't game!

*coughs* Am very guilty of this. But most of the time, it's because I'm still stuck at the office!

So true!

HAHAHA! I face this all the time whenever I go overseas. Always end up yelling!

Any funny stuff to share too? Love reading such stuff!


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As mentioned in the previous post, we girls now plan for surprise outing. And after my turn was Jacelyn's aka Daintyflair!

She brought us to...

Nanjya Monjya!

It's basically a teppanyaki place but what makes this place so special is that they will cook it for you. Or well, you can cook it yourself if you like!

Some of the dishes that we tried... Truth to be told, I can't remember the names but I remembered that I liked everything aside from the tofu!

We shared those dishes and surprisingly the bill was only $20/pax. Pretty affordable!

Really enjoyed myself but felt we didn't order enough. Ching Chong Boy and I will be going back soon. Really shiokadoos! Just take note that you'll smell a bit after going there. Teppanyaki mah. :p

Some pics with the girls!

It was supposed to be a maxi outing but Jacelyn forgot!

The sweet couple!

nadnut’s rating on ambience, food, service and value for money:

If you’ll like to check out the place, here are the details:

Nanjya Monjya
Waterfront Plaza #01-03/05,
390A Havelock Road
Singapore 169664
(t) 6738 7177


Please refer to these posts before reading this. (else you no head no tail wor!).

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It was hard waking up for breakfast. Both of us did think of skipping breakfast and sleeping in. After all, we did crawl back "home" at 5am in the morning.

However, I managed to summon some willpower and FORCED myself to wake up. And yes, I had to kick the birthday boy out of bed to get up.

The package we took had breakfast included.

Collage of pictures.

Click to enlarge


For breakfast, they serve:

Buffet selection of cereals, breads, pastries and yoghurt.

A choice of a main:
- Homemade waffles and maple syrup
Served with a choice of bacon or chicken chipolatas
- Eggs
Choice of scrambled, poached, omelette or sunny side up.
Served with a choice of bacon or chicken chipolatas, grilled tomatoes and grilled mushrooms
- Norwegian smoked salmon & cream cheese chive bagel
Served with capers, sliced red onion and fresh dill.

Juices, coffee and tea.

Needless to say, the boy and i chose the omelette!

It's really yummy! Go for the omelette!

Ching chong boy and I really enjoyed breakfast there! We'll definitely head back soon! (this is NOT an advertorial. I paid for the whole hotel stay. Am raving about Wanderlust and Cocotte because I really enjoy the staycation there.)

After the great breakfast, we soon packed up and checked out. But this isn't the end of the celebration for him... next post! The buffet dinner...

Pictures were taken with the G11.