Monthly Archives: January 2005


drank coconut juice today..

and inspiration struck.

say hello to mr. coconut!

btw, mr. coconut would like to remind everyone of nad's birthday party details..

date: 5th february 2005, saturday
time: 6pm
place: costa sands pasir ris


watch out for a sms on de 3rd or 4th. if u didnt receive, sms me!

tata. mr. coconut and i are gonna go out for drinks 😀


will be going back to work tomolo..

boss actually msg-ed me tat i can rest at home but decided to try going to work first..

somehow there seems to be white substance growing on de wound..

i dunno if that is pus or its healing..

oh well..

birthday party on the 5th!

so far, response has been good, even over-whelming... but however, dunno if there will be some last minute 'no-show ups'..

argh. some asking me what i want!!

*paiseh wor*

anyway, to make things easier, here are the list of things that i do NOT want...

1. stuffed toys
2. dolls
3. a cat (yes, i have offers on whether i want another cat. -_-")
4. earrings (i have too much. mum threatens to throw them away)
5. food (unfortunately, the onlie food i can eat is icecream and porridge. and i feel like gagging at the tot of those)
6. cds. (i dun listen to cds. i download mp3s. :P)
7. books. (unless u knoe wat i want, dun buy. coz i'll juz throw to the stack of 'let's grow old and mould'.. LOL)


hahaa. there u go. my list of 'what i do NOT want for my birthday'.

gonna rest.

btw, i lost 3 kg. 😀

hopefully, that will stay. and i can go pierce my 'slim' (i hope) belly.. (tat is if i dun chicken out)


when i cough, my whole body jerks wiv pain.

when i sneeze, my whole body jerks wiv pain..

im so hungry but yet when i eat, i feel like puking..

and needless to say, when i puke, my whole body jerks wiv pain..

somehow, after being discharged, its a lot more painful...

throat seems to be swollen and my voice turns out all nasally ...

and yes,

when i talk, my whole body jerks wiv pain..

oh god. let me heal faster.


back from op...

i neva wanna go back there anymore...

thanks to all those who sms-ed me wiv all de good wishes.

and those who visited me.

the 3 days in de hospital was hell.

will blog abt it much later.

managed to bring my camera in..

so pics first. blog abt de surgery another time.

beware. VERY UGLY pics ahead.

my 'bangle' from the 'hotel'

me trying to smile..

my horrendous drip..

dear took of me when i was resting...

the flowers i got..

pearl and i..

lydia and i...

mingli and i...

the great fella who was there for me all 3 days...

more blogging to be done. but much after some needed rest...