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As some of you guys may know, I really adore staycations. You've probably read about a few of my staycations episodes in this Singapore Lifestyle Blog. And one of them was the Girly Staycation which I had with a few girlfriends last year.

We had stayed in Quincy Hotel back then and we had enjoyed the experience.

Imagine my surprise when my good friend Fidelis (who runs The Clover Fashion) had kindly invited Ching Chong Boy and myself to join her and Jeremy (her new beau) for a couple staycation at Quincy Hotel!

Fidel had managed to get us both bumped up from a Deluxe King to Deluxe Studio room. *SCORE!*

Here are some pictures of the room.

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Part 2 of the Girly Staycation entries!

Remember I asked you to guess why our room was so messy?

It was because we had mini makeovers, played dressed up and had a manicure session!

We all brought our makeup sets over. I had brought over 8 Majolica Majorca eyeshadow palettes amongst other Majolica Majorca goodies. Jacelyn and Fidelis also brought some of their Ettusais stuff too!

Some pictures of the session!

We girls really had fun! Sweet Jacelyn helped Sabrina and I with our untidy brows and Fidel gave Sab a makeover!

My unglam face while putting on makeup!

My final look!

I had told Esther about a marbling technique for the nails and she was so intrigued about it then she decided to do it for us during the staycation!

Some pics!

First paint a base colour..

Drip a few colours in sequence. E.g. Drip white, then pink then purple then white again, pink and purple.

Then using a stick (or a pin in our case), draw a line.

Dip your finger in.

By right, you should have used tape to paste around your nail bed so that it won't stain your fingers. Marbling is really a messy affair! Way easier to just pop by to Milly's for a manicure! :p

We took a crazy loads of pictures that day because I brought a Canon Selphy Photo Printer!

Absolutely adore the G11, I influenced Jacelyn to get one too! Muahahahaaa. It's a great cawhore camera!

We played dress up too! Check out the next entry for pics!