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[Invited Food Tasting Event]

The #mysterymakan girls and I were invited for a food tasting event to Jing Hua located at Palais Renaissance.

When I visited Jing Hua and looked at it's menu, I found the menu extremely familiar. Turns out that I've actually visited it's sister branch Qun Zhong Eating House at Neil Road previously before.

We tried some of Jing Hua's Classic items such as:

nadnut jinghua

Noodle with Minced Pork & Soya Bean Sauce ($6.80++). Apparently this is like jajiangmian? Am not a huge fan. Found that it tasted a bit strong and wasn't to my preference. To be fair, I have yet tried a similar dish like this that I like.

nadnut jinghua

Little Juicy Steamed Meat Dumplings ($8.80++ for 8 pieces) aka Xiao Long Bao was juicy and delicious. My only gripe is that I felt that the dumplings could come with more broth. I want more!

nadnut jinghua

nadnut jinghua

The Chinese Pizza ($10.80++) looked like a marriage between a flattened curry puff and a pie. The Chinese Pizza's fillings were chives and pork. While it was tasty, I did think that it paled in comparison to the other Jing Hua dishes.

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