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It seems that despite my previous post, there were still some questions on staycations, thus I decided to dedicate a post to staycations!

What is a Staycation?

Think of a localised vacation! Staying put in Silly Singapore, doing activities here!

What to do in a Staycation?

There are a lot of activities you can do in a Staycation! Here are some suggestions on what you can do.

Couple staycations: Spend some quality time together. I usually plan dinners and activities nearby. E.g. go for a massage, watch a nearby movie, go for a swim at the hotel pool. Then cuddle up, I usually use the opportunity to iron out some issues, to chat and understand each other better, spend quality time together!

Girly staycations: With a bunch of fun girlfriends, you can do so much stuff! With the previous staycation with the girls, we had makeovers, camwhoring and we went clubbing! Another fun thing to do, is have a hen's night! *coughs*

Staycations with friends: You can plan a party, a birthday party, a grad party or whatever party. There's NO reason to have a party!

Must haves for a Staycation?

Be it a couple, a party or a girly staycation, I think a definitely must-have is alcohol! If you do not like hard liquor, a nice bottle of wine or muscato would do fine! The boy and I alws enjoy a bottle of wine whenever we go for staycations. Needless to say, snacks and music would also be another essential. Munchies helps anytime! You'll never know if you get hungry in the middle of the night, so do stock up! Music will also help set the mood. 🙂

No matter what, remember to have fun! And as your Whisper Digital Ambassador, I'm here to remind you to use Whisper Overnights to prevent nasty surprises in the morning!


When I first said I was going for a staycation with the bf then, everyone was asking me what staycation meant. It seemed then that the term staycation was pretty much unheard of. Laoniang enlightened a lot of people okay!

And if you are still wondering what's a staycation, it's basically have a vacation without traveling anywhere. A vacation staying put!

The bf and I had two staycations so far, once at Wanderlust for his birthday and the other at Rendezvous Hotel where I did the Biore and Whisper sponsored reviews! (Note to self: to blog about Rendezvous soon.)

I came up with the idea of a girls staycation with the girls to basically have a sleepover, play dress up, go clubbing and just bond!. Checked with Esther, Sabrina, Fidelis and Jacelyn and they were game. Hooray for spontaneous girlfriends! <3

Much love to both Esther and Jacelyn for recee-ing the hotels. With their expert recommendations, we chose Quincy Hotel.

Quincy Hotel is located fairly near Orchard Road. It's actually located beside Elizabeth Hotel, which is the place where Arsenal supporters hang out at during Arsenal matches. Heard from my siao on Arsenal fans. Hurhur.

Honestly, the location isn't fantastic. Cabdrivers seem to not recognise the address and poor Sabrina had trouble with parking. Nonetheless, the service at Quincy was good at least. 🙂

The rooms cost about S$358+++ usually however there was a weekend promo and it turned out to be $268+++ instead. Not too bad.

Some pics around the hotel.

Here are some pictures of the room.

Similar to Wanderlust Hotel, Quincy offers an iPod dock and free drinks.

Plus points: We had a free bottle of red wine (which we did not drink. hurhur) and some snacks!

My outfit for the staycation?

A pretty pink outfit which had sweet white ribbons on them.

If you thought it was a maxi, you are so wrong! Very very comfy outfit. Loving sponsored by TheBlogShop of course. 🙂

I think the bathtub was used most to wash our feet. Hurhur.

See what happened to our room after 5 messy girls checked in!

If you're wondering why it became so messy, check out the next post. Coming soon! :")