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Featured Advertorial: The Label Loft

The kind folks at The Label Loft has sent me two lovely items. The fiance really liked this lovely pink and black dress on me. Really liked this dress, it’s extremely comfy! I love the simple details and I think it’s a suitable dress to be worn for most occasions! I paired the Bohemian Carousel …

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Fashion Outfit of the day

Outfit of the day: A little risque-y.

You’ve probably seen bits and pieces of this outfit in a few of my posts before. I termed this outfit “A little risque-y” is because of the lovely stockings from Risque! Here’s the outfit! (apologies, I accidentally deleted the full length pic :() I think erm, my chest is a bit too large for the …

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Featured blogshop: My Takshop

Today I would like to introduce My Takshop! They stock a huge variety of apparel suitable for all occasions! Hese are some of the products that I’ve gotten from them! This chiffon blouse is extremely comfy and chic. Thin material, extremely suitable for our humid weather and it only retails at $19.90!

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