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nadnut is currently working as a Social Media Manager. Her previous experience still mainly revolves around marketing. She has more than 3 years experience in Product Marketing. I have also worked in Events Management, Advertising and Promotions, Public Relations and Social Media Planning. But most of all, people know her as a Blogger. She has been writing at www.nadnut.com for the past ten years. While it mainly started as a personal blog, it has evolved into a Lifestyle Blog which she covers mainly beauty, food, fitness and now, wedding planning.

She thinks herself as a very confident, self-motivated, outgoing and independent person. She is a go-getter and am not afraid to do what it takes to get what she wants. She has a keen interest in planning but have also had experience in executing. She is fluent in spoken and writen english and can understand a bit of Malay and Chinese.

She seems to be someone who loves punishments, most of her jobs tend to be rather challenging and is able to keep herself level-headed in stressful situations.

She gets along well with people, mainly because her witty, friendly and vibrant personality. This is evident from her various Linkedin endorsements from her ex-colleagues.

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nadnut has had experience in leading and is definitely not afraid to be in the frontline.

If you would like to know about nadnut, do feel free to leave her a message. Job opportunities are definitely welcomed 😉

To take a peek into her exciting life, check out her lifestyle blog at: https://nadnut.com

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