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Travel: Day One of Girls Gone Wild in KL!

  Dear Jace mentioned she felt like going for a holiday and within a few days, we booked our trip! We had initially discussed with Fidelis but she couldn’t make it in the end 🙁 We called it the “Girls Gone Wild” trip because we went ahead without our boyfriends’ approval. Hurhur! We traveled by …

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Fashion Outfit of the day

Outfit of the day: A little risque-y.

You’ve probably seen bits and pieces of this outfit in a few of my posts before. I termed this outfit “A little risque-y” is because of the lovely stockings from Risque! Here’s the outfit! (apologies, I accidentally deleted the full length pic :() I think erm, my chest is a bit too large for the …

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Mini notes

Coincidence much?

Wow. I changed my blog title ages ago to reflect the various topics I write about. Was advised to do so early this year by Wen. Most bloggers have the same title, it’s all about simple seo. So I changed it, indicated the topics and also added in a silly topic: “Life and Fun!” . …

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Beauty Reviews

Majolica Majorca: Swatches of Majolook GR750

It’s been a while since I posted in my Majolica Majorca Diary. We Majolica Ambassadors haven’t met up for a long long time! I think the last time was the Chapter 31 launch! There will be one more launch this year and that should mark the end of our Ambassadorship this year I think? 3 …

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