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Some time back, I was going through a bad time. Bad news came coming in nonstop and I was only able to open up to a few people about it. I felt so terrible then and I even cried and fretted about it. After the disappointment, I decided to move on. One trait I have is the ability to move on quick from disappointments. I learnt to accept disappointments in my stride and just pick myself up after unleashing those emotions.

It got me thinking much about things recently. Despite seeming like the open person on my blog, I do actually have a hard time opening up about myself to people. I find it hard to talk about my problems sometimes as I really hate burdening others with my problems. I guess after countless of times playing Aunt Agony to some of my friends, (and boy, some of them are really complain queens. seriously.), I never want to be one of them.

Thus the only way I really unburden myself sometimes, is through my blog and yet sometimes, I feel afraid to do so. I feel vulnerable doing so.

But after a talk with a dear old friend, I think perhaps it's time to break some walls. I want to be a happier person. As in, really happy, not pretend happy or seemingly happy.

I'm going to remove negativity from my life, be it from naysayers or even toxic friends. I'll try my best and I'm going to count every blessing I have, be it, minor or anything. And I started doing so today. I count the little blessings and Ihad a rather pleasant day.


For challenge 4, we're supposed to create our very own Much effort, Little effort video!

Here's mine!

Yes, you get to see a very tak glam nadnut. LOL. Much love to Jayden and Fabian for videoing and creating the lovely video. Idea was from Ching Chong Boy. heh.

This concludes the end of the challenges! Voting ends at 2359 today and results will be out in July!

Thanks to everyone who has voted, commented and supported me! 🙂


[Contest entry]

Remember the times before mobile broadband ever existed? We could only surf the internet while at home/work/school. I felt really limited then. I remember whenever I got lost or needed to find some information urgently, I would try calling all of my friends in hope that someone would be at home and would help search for the information for me. I was such a pest back then!

Imagine if we had wanted to stay connected BACK THEN, we'll be lugging around the very cumbersome phone wire everywhere!

Check out my video below!

And now!

Mobile broadband has proved to be an indispensable tool for me. I can hardly function without it now. The opportunities are endless! We can do almost everything with mobile broadband! Here are some places that I wish would have internet connection.

While at Sentosa, I can immediately share pictures of the beautiful scenery or even camwhore with my friends.

Plus, with mobile broadband, I can always keep a look out for any bad weather that’s coming! It sucks to be caught in the rain while trying to get a great tan at Sentosa.

Pulau Ubin is a perfect place for people like us to relax and enjoy the nature. A great place to get back to basics. But imagine how horrible it'll be if one of us get lost at such a rural area? If I could access Google maps, finding my way around the place would be a breeze! No worries about getting lost anymore!

There's a lovely spot in Changi where you can watch planes go by. Very nice paktor-ing place. *cough* I can video them down and upload on YouTube on the go! It'll be done almost immediately and I can share those videos with my friends instantly!! Upload and watch videos easily!  Not only that, I can watch videos to kill boredom while on the long journey home from there! I especially enjoy watching Kevjumba and Happyslip videos!

Oh, did I mention that a couple of days ago, I spotted a few eye candies while jogging at East Coast Park. If there’s internet connection there, I could not only take a picture and upload on twitter, I could also MSN my girl friends the picture of the cute hunk! A little eye candy everyday keeps the blues away. 😉

I love the Henderson Wave Bridge! The structure of it is so interesting and I can’t help but to camwhore everytime I’m there. Good things are meant to be shared, so I would upload the photos to Facebook immediately! Who knows, maybe my friends would even come join me at the bridge when they see my updates!

Aside from all of those lovely places, here are some other things that I can do if I was living my life online anywhere and anytime!

- Online shopping
- Plurk
- Blog
- Skype
- Webcam
- Flickr

And here's one place that I really wish would have internet connection...

The washroom! I can now even stay online even while... doing business! Might as well multi-task! 😉

Everybody should…

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