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This is Love.

I’ve been gaining weight for quite some time and as you guys know, i’ve made the decision to start exercising somewhat recently. What was sweet was that tiger was that he actually proposed that we go exercise together! tiger knows that i tend to get lazy and not motivated when going alone. I used to …

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been too busy to update. there has been some recent hoohah and i’m still reeling in shock. feeling very very negative these days. report submissions are this week and i’m nowhere near there. omg kill me pls. the good thing is that i’ve gotten all my articles ready but i just haven’t had the time …

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The Mahjong Queen. NOT!

The “queen” had her most suay game recently. Uber suay. My luck was THAT bad. Worst game ever! I KNEW IT! Should have gone home and changed into red bra and red undies. Brrr. NEXT GAME! After my assignments and exams! I’ll be back! (oh yes, i’m being a lazy blogger now. :P)

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