Monthly Archives: January 2008


I've been gaining weight for quite some time and as you guys know, i've made the decision to start exercising somewhat recently. What was sweet was that tiger was that he actually proposed that we go exercise together! tiger knows that i tend to get lazy and not motivated when going alone. I used to jog quite often at the park behind my place but with my current job, i tend to go back really late and am really tired to do so (aside from the fact that i dont jog in parks once its dark. call me paranoid but i'm afraid.)

Thus tiger suggested that we spend some of our weekends just exercising. Fun ways for example inline skating, iceskating, cycling, jogging etc. The first time we did so was to go iceskating. Surprisingly tiger is really a bad iceskater!

No couple pics cause he's anonymous! oops. 😛

We've already planned different outings once i'm done with my exams, to go inline skate and jog together. I'm slowly trying to persuade him to go trekking one day. Or maybe rockclimbing?

After all the good food that we always eat, we really do need to exercise it off!

I feel that sports is really a great way to destress. I love the feeling after jogging. I really do feel so relaxed after that and i am able to sleep earlier too! (yours truly sleeps at 4am everyday. -__-)

And one needs to start maintaining one's figure too! Else tiger won't want me anymore!

So do pick up a sport with your other half, afterall it'll be boring spending your weekends just watching movies and eating aint it?


been too busy to update.

there has been some recent hoohah and i'm still reeling in shock. feeling very very negative these days. report submissions are this week and i'm nowhere near there. omg kill me pls. the good thing is that i've gotten all my articles ready but i just haven't had the time and energy to start writing.

so far, the week has been really bad. and the only good thing so far is slingers game tomorrow. 🙁

sigh. updates soon!