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i have a soft spot for you.

you know there are some people that you just have a soft spot for? that you’ll be super defensive and will try your very best to protect him/her and making sure him/her is happy? and how you’ll feel hurt and sad for them when they’re unhappy? i have a soft spot for you. do you …

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i dont give a flying fuck!

PISSED. ROYALLY PISSED. sure, give me more work. give give give! im a superwoman. i have 8 hands, and i work 99 hours a day. IF I CANT FINISH, SO BE IT. I FUCK CARE ALREADY. /edit – wow. they have finally moved their asses. finally putting out an ad to hire my position .

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nadnut spoofs timothy tiah.

i was reading timothy tiah’s blog recently and one entry made me laugh like mad. so here’s MY version. nadnut learns to camwhore! (eh wait, i already know that! :P) i learnt the la-la 5 step pose from his blog! for illustration sake, i shall steal use his pictures to compare with mine. sorry for …

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