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that thing about faith…

remember this? when all hope is lost, a light shines on me. i am going! yes i am going!!!!!! (oh shit, im gonna be soooooo broke!) lai lai support leh! fund nadnut’s studytrip. advertisements, endorsements, advertorials, reviews all available. heeeeee! <3

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Meow Pictures

babyboy and the custard puff.

remember the previous entry? here’s another entry featuring babyboy. first up, some background info. i am the fierce one in my family. i dont believe in feeding leftovers to my meowmeows or giving them any food while we’re eating. unfortunately my parents tend to spoil the cats a lot. the cats are so used to …

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that thing about the past…..

i was reading my archives and looking thru the pictures… i miss those crazy hectic cowboybar days. the wala days, the imprompto suppers, charlies, gaming at oasis, steak loving, my 3 samurais, vroom vroom wheeeeee!, sheesha and good old fun. 🙁 most of them disappeared. i miss you guyssssssss! especially abang! 🙁

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