Monthly Archives: May 2007


remember the previous entry?

here's another entry featuring babyboy.

first up, some background info. i am the fierce one in my family. i dont believe in feeding leftovers to my meowmeows or giving them any food while we're eating. unfortunately my parents tend to spoil the cats a lot. the cats are so used to me that when im eating, they're veryyyyy afraid to approach me.

let the pics do the talking!

i brought back a whole box of yummy custard puffs one day.

showed a puff to babyboy.

he timidly crept closer.

i taunted him by taking a big bite and showing him the inside goodness.

this pic is priceless.

anyway, he didnt get to eat the custard puffs. i ate them. yum. smelling them was the closest he got. muahahahaa. *sadistic owner*