Monthly Archives: June 2005


tears welled up in her eyes. she wiped at them with her sleeve.

she refused to let herself breakdown.

she continued driving but yet her mind was not concentrated on driving.

as she drove, she kept replaying the scene in her mind. she saw herself begging. she was holding his legs. he kicked her away.

she was begging him not to leave her and their baby.

he threw her against the wall and stormed away.

she curled herself into a ball and wept. she cried till she was so exhausted that she fell asleep.

when she awoke, she felt an ache in her heart. she decided to get him back away from the bitch.

she dragged herself though she felt woozy and got into the car.

as she drove, she kept thinking about him, she called him again. this time he answered and yelled at her.

yelled at her saying she's ugly and stupid and lifeless in bed. his new whore made him happy. he then slammed the phone on her.

her tears welled up in her eyes. she wished for the heartache to stop.

as she wiped her eyes, she swerved. the car hit the road and she flew thru the windshield. she had forgotten to wear her seatbelt in her hurry.

she got her wish in the end....


though i like to plan and organise outings, events and parties.

dont take it for granted that ill do everything or ask me to do so.

dun ask me abt why this why that? how this how that?

go ask urself. im tired.

my job is to organise events. why do i have to do all those with u guys too?

im tired. im gonna be selfish. dun take me for granted.

note to self: dun show initiative next time. ppl wun bother and expect u to do it always.