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argh. tomorrow start work.

damn. forgot to photocopy all that im suppose to bring over tomorrow. surely kena by HR tomorrow.


i hope i'll like it!

feels like the first day of school.

anyway went for a tan (actually reading under the sun) and had a great dinner @ spaggedies again and dessert @ swensens!

yummy yummy! thanks! u know who u are. =)


she had loved him for 10 years.

ever since she met him in high school and when he had bumped into her and caused her to dropped her books.

they had laughed it off over a cup of coffee and became fast friends. bosom ones.

they studied together, been there for each other since forever. took care of each other when they were sick, been there for each other from breakups, to weddings and funerals.

however, sarah had never told david how she felt. she didnt want david to feel awkward or ruin the beautiful friendship that they had.

she met someone that summer, john. he was sweet and caring. and not jealous of david as all of her ex-es were. they even hung out together.

that day, john had proposed to her. sarah felt confused. she didnt know if she should marry john. is it better to be loved more than you love someone or to love someone who didnt love her in the way she wanted.

she called david out that day and told him that john proposed. she looked at his eyes to see if there was any sign at all that she meant more than a friend to him.

unfortunately, there wasnt. she accepted john's proposal.

the day was finally here. she was getting married. however all she could think of was david. she forced thoughts of him out of her head.

as the vows were exchanged, a tear fell from her eyes. she had loved in vain all these years. all she could do is concentrate in loving john as much as she could.

as she sat at the table enjoying her dinner, david walked towards her and gave her a hug, he passed her a letter, which he said, only to open it when she was on the airplane.

she kissed him goodbye and tears had run freely down her cheek.

the next day as john and her went onboard the plane, she slipped the letter out to read.

'dear sarah,

your finally married! congrats! may you and john be happy always and have many little children to bother me and call me uncle david!

sarah, i have never thanked you enough for all that you have done for me.

though i know it is too late, i just want you to know that i love you. ever since the first day we met and i had banged into you. ever since you smiled that cheeky smile at me. i had fallen in love with you since.

i knew it was impossible and didnt want to ruin the friendship. but i needed to let you know. i hope this wont make things awkward between you. don't worry, when your back, i'll be ok and probably be with some hot chick now. :P. just joking.

you take care of yourself now.

love you always,

she was shocked. all these years they had loved each other and never said anything to each other. they had waited in vain.

she was married now. all she could do is forget.

forget the one true love she had.


damn.... now @ the medical clinic... doing my pre-employment checkup.

they took blood from me! argh. i tot the last i saw of needles was during my operation...

damn... now de doctor says he wanna see me... i hope it aint low blood...

anyway, there is a victoria secrets spree now. damn damn. i feel like buying!!!!!

broke broke broke.

ohwell. if anyone interested in the spree, leave me a comment, ill send u de link..

still waiting for my turn. thank god there is internet here else be bloody bored.

great news for me though. i lost weight!

off for some sun-tanning later. though i tink there is no sun lor. *stares at mr kenny chan*