Monthly Archives: December 2004


oh fuck. just found out news that my mum's colleague lost her dad as well..

her 4 family members are gone..

oh man...

i feel so affected abt the news....

aside from tat. i feel very bored. more of sianz.

things have come to such a state that it is freaking boring.

things juz repeat. aint it the same old same old?

im so sick and tired.

even new year doesnt excite me anymore.

i dun even wanna go out with my boyfriend.

why bother? juz the same old watching movies, having dinner and walk walk.

noting excites me anymore...

oh, and today is our 17 months anniversary.

and frankly... i dun give a damn.


the whole tsunami (tidal waves) thing has left me so affected.

i was worrying about mira who was in india.

and thank god, she replied my persistent sms-es.

she's fine. thank god.

unfortunately, my mum's colleague lost her 2 sons and her mother.

sighz. such an unfortunate incident.

life is so short...