Monthly Archives: March 2004


some pics...

took @ lydia's place last last saturday and at school library...

Miss angeline wong acting cute....

Papaya pearl looking so sweet with her 2 pleats! 🙂

our cuckoo grp... bleah... from left: Vain G, me trying to avoid de camera, papaya pearl, lynnie and lydia dear!

acting cuckoo in de library... lydia's tots: why is she pressing my head!

ooh... wat is nad~ and Vain G looking at? hmmm... is it porn?

CAAAAK!!! me hiding from the camera behide de chair... LOL...

a pic-cy bloggy...

silly pics...


Hey all business students from Temasek Poly!

Biz Challenge is here! on thursday and friday, we are aiming to collect 1000 pictures of biz students of TP!

come and help us and we will reward u with an icecream! yes! its true! even though its on april's fool, its' not a joke!

more details will be published on wednesday!

Another project proudly brought to you by:

Business Studies Club