Traveling alone?

While as much as traveling with friends is really a fun and epic affair, I do enjoy traveling alone or with the significant other.

Been toying with the idea of traveling alone myself. In some of my travels, I did travel alone in some stage, e.g. 2 days in Vietnam, roaming in Japan alone etc but I have not done a full scale trip going alone.

I tried looking for deals to Bangkok / Phuket in February but the prices were a bit too expensive.

Do you have any suggestions to places for a solo female traveler to visit? Somewhere not too expensive. (I would love to go Europe! Unfortunately I'm still paying through my teeth for my study loans)

Thanks guys!


  1. You can actually try flying to krabi then take a bus to phuket, then flying back from phuket if its cheaper than the packages.

    Traveled for about 8-9Ds, spent about 300+ or even less for everything excluding massive shopping. Lodging in Krabi is cheap, was staying at this place when I was there, Chan Cha Lay The people there were friendly.
    Food is cheap, can try the recommended by LP's food store just diagonally down the road and awesome but it's a tad boring as compared to the more happening yet slighly expensive Phuket for my friends and I.

    🙂 Hope you're able to find more ideas on your desired trip!



    Sounds fab! Thanks for the tips!


  2. Hello there,

    I gathered up my courage to travel alone last year and i went to Perth, Western Australia. Awesome experience i must say 🙂

    Try it if you are thinking of it!

    I want to do something again this year. Like you, i am finding ideas on where to go.



    Hmmmm. Any suggestions of where to go? Not australia though, been there countless of times! :X