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As mentioned in the previous post, we girls now plan for surprise outing. And after my turn was Jacelyn's aka Daintyflair!

She brought us to...

Nanjya Monjya!

It's basically a teppanyaki place but what makes this place so special is that they will cook it for you. Or well, you can cook it yourself if you like!

Some of the dishes that we tried... Truth to be told, I can't remember the names but I remembered that I liked everything aside from the tofu!

We shared those dishes and surprisingly the bill was only $20/pax. Pretty affordable!

Really enjoyed myself but felt we didn't order enough. Ching Chong Boy and I will be going back soon. Really shiokadoos! Just take note that you'll smell a bit after going there. Teppanyaki mah. :p

Some pics with the girls!

It was supposed to be a maxi outing but Jacelyn forgot!

The sweet couple!

nadnut’s rating on ambience, food, service and value for money:

If you’ll like to check out the place, here are the details:

Nanjya Monjya
Waterfront Plaza #01-03/05,
390A Havelock Road
Singapore 169664
(t) 6738 7177


Please refer to these posts before reading this. (else you no head no tail wor!).

4 days of celebration - The pre-celebration

I had originally told the bf that we were going to stay over at my place as my parents were not in Singapore. That was the only way to get him to pack his barangs barangs over without being suspicious!

I had told him I would be going to AMK to collect some spree items and that I will fetch him at his place and we would head to my place.

Got a cab and fetched him. I had conspired with the taxi driver earlier and told him to not mention the venue or say anything till the bf has worn the headphones and blindfolds. hurhur.


Pardon the makeupless face.

You know what?! The boy knew we weren't headed to my place because he could feel the taxi turning a different direction than how it would have gone if it were heading to my place.


Soon we arrived at Dickson Road. As ching chong boy have never heard of Wanderlust Hotel before, he thought we were there for either food. He gave me a suspicious look as there was a Hotel81 opposite Wanderlust.


Later when I told him we were going to Wanderlust for a staycation, he was so shocked. Heh. Yay. Success!

Pictures of Wanderlust here:

(click to enlarge)

Love the decor!

We were hungry and decided to go to the nearby coffee shop. First time trying chicken rice balls. Damn shiokkers!

After lunch, we were given a tour of the other rooms. So chio! Wonder when am I able to stay in the other rooms!

(click to enlarge)

Pity the boy didn't bring his swimming trunks else we could have tried the outdoor jacuzzi!

Finally went to our room!

The room was fantastic! Some pictures of the room. Thanks Michelle for helping with the reservation! Much love! <3

(click to enlarge)

The room comes with free drinks! Awesome!

Even comes with a Nespresso machine. The bf was in heaven.

He would happily sip his nespresso every now and then. I don't drink coffee at all so I really couldn't understand his utter delight.

That shiok ah?

We got ready and dressed up for dinner!

methinks i need a new hair colour.

Can you spot someone in the background doing his hair? :p the bf isn't too happy with his haircut.

Outfit of the day: Black toga from $28 shop in Citylink, leggings and black heels.

with the birthday boy!

Heh. The silly boy wanted to climb the stairs!

Outfit of the day pic outside the hotel.

And we were off for dinner! Check out the next post for updates! All pictures were taken with the G11!