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I have to state that I am not anti PAP, or anti Opp or pro PAP or pro Opp. I am anti-useless people. Honestly, I used to be so apathetic that Tiger (my ex) sibeh bth with me.

I do have very strong opinions against some current MPs who I feel am not performing or have made huge mistakes. I do however do not slam PAP because of these rather useless people. Now that I have stated my disclaimer, I shall continue with my post. I do not discount the fact that things were good previously however I do have issues with the current housing prices and over expenditure on YOG.

I attended the Workers Party rally which was held in Ubi on Wednesday. Personally, I only attend the rallies that involves my GRC as I would like to hear what was being proposed. (In other words, I only bother about my GRC :p.) As you probably might know from now, I am from Aljunied GRC where Workers Party will be up against the current ruling PAP.

The atmosphere there was fantastic. I was glad that I had actually went for the rally, I have never attended one before and it is definitely different from just viewing videos online. Despite the mud and all, everyone was smiling and friendly. Am sharing some pictures I took that day.

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