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Millys have been my hair/nails sponsor for like the longest time ever.

I love heading to Millys because I always feel happy afterwards. I always walk out feeling pampered and beautiful.

I've booked my gel extension appointment this week in order to have chio nails for CNY and my bday! Do make appointments soon as I heard there have been a lot of appointments made for CNY! Book early to avoid disappointments!

Aside from nails, Millys also offer hair extensions and other hair services! It's been a while since I have had hair extensions and I'm contemplating on putting them on again!

What do you guys think? Should I?

Millys currently have some promotions for both hair and less extensions!

Millys is having a crazy promotion! Purchase 100 hair extensions and get free hair extensions! And a special promo for lash extensions! Unlimited touch up for only $38!

Check out Millys soon! I'll be blogging about my nails pretty soon!

Far East Plaza
14 scotts road #03-129
Singapore 228213
Tel: 67376723

Bugis Village Extension,
Level 2 @ Bom Bom street.
Tel: 63384137

Bugis Street, Little Red Dot
Tel: 63384137

For booking and enquiries, feel free to contact Millys at 8383 5395 or you can check out her website at http://www.millys.com.sg!


Another time, I went with the girls to this event. It was really fun as we had the opportunity to decorate cakes!

I always wanted to go to the Icing Room to decorate my own cake with ching chong boy but we kept postponing the trip as the timing wasn't suitable. 🙁

We had a bevy of decorations to use, from chocolate sauce to lovely heart shaped strawberries and pocky!

First we started by choosing a slice of cake to decorate. We could choose from strawberry, chocolate or mango. I decided to go with mango!

The end result! I'm really bad at decorating things as I don't have an artistic flair! Gimme numbers and I'll gladly crunch them but decorations? I'm lost!

Group pic!

Our decorated cakes! The chocolate one is decorated by Esther, the other mango cake is by Fidelis and the strawberry cake is by Jacelyn!

We thought the worse was over.... then they told us that we cfould decorate a whole cake!

Naked, bare and waiting for us to do our magic (or horor in my case.)

My decorated cake! I always opt for easy when decorating. hurhur. I had wanted to break pocky sticks to decorate the sides of the cake but got tired halfway and decided to nom on the pocky. FAIL.

Posing with my creation!

With the girls! Fidel and Esther already packed their cakes by then... Check out Jacelyn's cake! So pweety!

Posing with sweet Fidel. Love her pretty dress from Bangkok. Great buy babe!

With Jacelyn! I've known her for a longgg time! She helped designed my blog design ages ago!

With Esther. Love her cardigan!

More entries coming up! Been hanging out with the girls often and we have had many makan outings! *pats tummy*



Did a lot of activities recently and haven't had the time to blog about it! For instance, I had my nails done by my long term nail sponsor Milly's.

I had gel extensions done instead of my usual acrylic! I wanted something sweet but nothing too bling. As you know, clouds and rainbows are kind of my "trademark" or "signature look" so I had to get them done!

I always loved funky french manicures and wanted to try blue! Tina suggested painting white hearts with a pink bow. Well, to be exact, it's inverted hearts but it looks like clouds. <3

The effect in the end turned out great! In fact it looked like clouds which I was even more happier about, trademark look wor! :p

Check out http://milly-s.blogspot.com for promotions and special offers!



Aside from that, check out this blog shop Peace and Karats!

My online friend Keshia has started her own blog shop and she brings in pretty overseas pieces. The items are very limited and some of them are completely exclusive to them!

Here's some that I got!

I paired the unique basic tunic ($21) with harem pants and my comfy jellies for a slack day out with Ching Chong Boy. Really comfy!

Am loving the leopard print cardigan ($18). Really brings BOOMZ to my wardrobe!

Peaceandkarats.net believes in bringing in versatile pieces where you can style it in more ways than one. iLike!

Do support Keshia's shop please! Quote 'NADNUT' for a 10% discount! (not for sales items though!) Discount is valid for 2 weeks!

To advertise on my blog, contact me here to get a quote!