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I have a thing for bareback dresses and when I saw this dress from theblogshop (one of my clothes sponsor), I knew I HAD to get it. I loved it SO much that I got it in two colours! One in navy blue and the other in pink!

Absolutely adore the sweetheart/m shape cutting! Here's the pic of the back!

I love the X back! It's not too in your face. When ching chong boy first saw the dress, he was like "oh ok." Then when he saw the back, he was like "woah!".


I wore the dress to the Johnnie Walker party at The White Rabbit and imho, the dress suited the party well!

It was elegant and yet with a touch of sexeh. (oh god, I feel so thick skinned now)

Anyway, here's what I matched the dress with...

Outfit breakdown:

Dress: Bareback dress from TheBlogShop
Bag: Pink heart bag from TheBlogShop
Stockings: Striped stockings from FEP
Shoes: Mary Janes from Nose
Belt: Ribbon belt from TheBlogShop

Just take note.. if you are going braless with your bareback dresses, impish models like Corde would molest you.

Super unglam but I was shocked. and yes, I need a nose job.

With Ching Chong Boy and Mus!

The bf enjoying his whiskey.

It seems like I don't have a single proper pic of ching chong boy that night.

Ending off with a nice picture of meh. :p

More Outfits of The Day (OTD) posts will be coming up soon!