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As some of you guys may know, I have a love-hate relationship with my current cat. Unlike the other previous cats I had, babyboy is terribly aloof and unaffectionate.

I know most people would then comment that if I had wanted affection, I should have gotten a dog instead. As much as I adore dogs, they're a teeny weeny bit too affectionate for me. If I had wanted something clingy and slobbery, I would have kept a boyfriend instead.

My previous few cats were affectionate, not too much but the right amount at the right times. I would feel immensely guilty if I had kept a dog, imagine the poor thing whining and wanting to play with you and I would crawl back home at midnight and just do my own stuff and later concuss in bed without bringing him for a walk!

A cat is the right amount of attention and affection I can give. Anyway, keeping a dog in my house is out of the question. I wouldn't want my mother to throw a hissy fit at me.

As much as I adore looking at babyboy, I would really wish I could cuddle and hug him without being badly scratched. This pussy is a wild one. He refuses to be carried/manhandled at all and would dig his oh-so-sharp nails in us if we decided to force affection on him.

And you ask, why do I keep him still if he doesn't "do the job"?

Well, pets are for life. I think it isn't fair to chuck/give him away to someone else just because he doesn't fit to my expectations. I think of him as a family member. You wouldn't want to throw/give away a family member right?

And it soothes my soul whenever I watch him sleep peacefully.

Apparently babyboy has a fetish for shoes. Since he was a kitten, he has been sleeping in my shoes. I guess the reason would probably be because when he was born, we kept him and his siblings in one of my shoe boxes. He probably got accustomed to the smell and it comforts him whenever he sleeps with/near the shoes.

It has been a good five years since babyboy has been with us and there will be many more to go. Recently he showed some "progress" as he allows us to pat him gently.

AND! He actually climbed and slept on my chest purring away when I was watching TV on the sofa one day. I was pleasantly surprised and kept as still as I can. There's potential!

This is one of the things that make my day. Just watching my super duper grouchy kitty sleep and patting him. It's the little things that count. 🙂

Anyway, I've just found out that CWS (Cat Welfare Society is organising a preview screening of "Gu Gu The Cat" on 21st April. Am thinking of going... any catlovers going too? Let me know! For more information on the screening, check this out!

The pictures looks great! Tempted to go but looking for kakis!


Barffie (one of my dearest friends whom I've met from one of the forums I used to be quite active in) is a volunteer at the Cat Welfare Society.

She's been busy these days helping out and planning for Spay Day 2008. Please take a look at this event and spread the word around! 🙂 Check out this link for more details. 🙂

Save lives, Sterilise!