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The boyfriend came to pick me up. He met me at the lift with a bouquet of flowers.


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For ages, I never saw the need to have a car license. Until I started dating Ching Chong Boy..  I started getting more interested in bikes and cars, and really see the convenience of owning your vehicle.

While I do think that it's not feasible to own your own car in Singapore unless you are sharing it with your family, I am still very keen to get my own car license thus I have taken the first step.

By going for my Basic Theory Test this week. Just opened the Highway code book that Nick has sweetly lent me and I was shocked. SO many things to memorise! Jia lat le!

After that, it'll be the next step. I've been asking friends for opinions over whether I should go for School or Private and to be honest, I'm leaning towards Private (though CCB seriously thinks I should go for School.)

Any recommendations for instructors? I'll be taking my lessons at Ubi. Must be english speaking, friendly and preferably not ancient that he'll fall asleep when I'm driving.

Any tips for BTT, ATT or instructors or lessons or anything would be great!

Thanks guys!