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Interestingly enough, I hardly see most ladies use blue eyeshadow. Most them stick to the conventional brown. When I asked a few girlfriends why they do not try using blue eyeshadow, they told me that they thought it hardly complements people and it probably would looked SIA-ish (read: OTT) on them.

I myself love colours. I would go from pink to brown to gold to green to black to purple anyday! And I decided to try out a blue look to see if it is true that blue was not a good look for most people.

You know how people say that you shouldn't match your makeup to whatever outfit you're wearing? Heck it, I say. I for one would match my makeup to my outfit everytime!

Outfit of the day: White-blue dress + ribbon belt + puma bag + white ribbon sandals.

Met up with Isaac, Fidelis and Esther and headed over to Milly's.

I love this dress so much that I bought another in yellow. 😉

So here's my blue eyeshadow look.

I did a bit of a gradient. Started with whitish silver and then blended with a baby blue and a darker blue. It's VERY IMPORTANT to blend!

I thought it looked quite okay. What do you think?

What other eyeshadow colours would you like me to try? I recently did a pink-green, pink-blue, silver-turquoise look and am interested to try out more combis.

Do comment and let me know and I'll try them out! 😉