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I wore this beautiful turquoise dress from theblogshop and paired it off with leggings. (Pssst. I have the same dress in purple!)

I had paired it with a skinny belt and wore a tube inside as the dress was a bit big for me.

Outfit breakdown:

Dress: Flower dress from TheBlogShop
Bag: Black bag from TheBlogShop
Leggings: AMK Hub
Shoes: Ribbon heels from Mondo
Belt: Black woven belt from TheBlogShop

I loved the flower details of the dress. Plus as the dress was a tad too big for me, I had the luxury of eating more and not face the hassle of loosening my belt because my jeans/dress was too tight for me.

Why did I call it the bridesmaid dress?

It was because the bridesmaids were in the same colour!

Congrats Adrian and Candy! Miss you guys a lot! Catch up soon!

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This will be a whiny post. You've been warned!

Here are some whines I have.

Lack of time

As some of you guys may know, I took a long break in 2008/2009 and had the luxury to study and blog full time. Now that I'm back to the working world, I find it tiring to blog after work. It isn't as if I have a mundane job where I could have the luxury to blog whenever I'm free. In fact at times, I work so late that I really do not want to look at the computer after work. During weekends, I would want to go out and enjoy myself. This results in either rushed entries or the lack of sleep because I stay up to blog.

Lack of comments

Comments help keeps me going. I find that comments totally has reduced drastically. Is this because of the introduction of microblogging tools like Twitter? Do you comment on blogs now? If yes, why so? If no, why so?

Lack of content/inspiration

Sometimes I feel so tired that I do not have any ideas on what to blog. Thankfully for food reviews, beauty products reviews, it's pretty idiot proof. I miss blogging about me, the ideas I have and some of my takes on issues.

I miss me. I miss having (quality) time to blog. From now on, I would put in more time and effort to blog. Do share with me what kind of content you prefer and please do comment!