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I do this every year and this year it'll be no exception. 🙂

The year started quite awesome. Got sponsored by KLM and flew to Bali for a short 3 days trip. Sabrina and I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel. Extremely beautiful place and great experience!

Ching Chong Boy brought me to Giraffe for my birthday and bought me a lovely necklace!

Was involved with Sony as a Sony Make.Believe Ambassador for awhile. Had the opportunity to attend the Adam Lambert and Kelly Clarkson concerts! Fab experience! Much love to Sony 🙂

Together with Jayden, was engaged by PSB Academy to produce a series of videos for them, One more to go!

Changed jobs. Had an offer to work in a social media soutions company that I couldn't resist. Left the pr industry.

Got my open water dive cert. Traveled to Tioman with Fidel and enjoyed every single bit of it!

Struggled with driving and eventually passed! Proud to say, yours truly has a manual driving license from Ubi wor!

Traveled a whole lot! Went to bangkok, melaka, kukup, phuket, cruise trip and bali!

This year was definitely less eventful as compared to last year but I'm glad to have fulfilled my goals of getting my diving and driving licenses! I'm glad that I managed to stick it through despite wanting to give up many times!

Am hoping 2011 will be a much better year! Will be celebrating NYE in bangkok! Take care folks! How was your 2010?



As some of you guys may know, I recently went Bali with Sabrina!

We  did our online check-in earlier and we need not line up with the rest of the people. All we had to just dump our luggage at the counter! Don't forget that you can check in 30 hours before the flight!

Because we checked in early, we manage to get great seats! I got the Economy Comfort seats! More legroom and more recline!

The flight was comfortable, yummy food and good movies! Sab and I was happily watching Cloudy with a chance of meatballs and chit chatting the whole duration.

We were brought to Hard Rock Hotel. Just realised I don't have any pics of the hotel! Sab, do you have any?!

We walked around Kuta beach and retired after our supper of Banana pancake. Shiokadoos!

The next day we went white water rafting which was a tiring but extremely fun experience. I didn't bring my camera as I was scared I'll lose it!

After that, we washed up and went to walk around Kuta beach.

Our favourite dish. Mee goreng. Wahhahaaa. We're easily satisfied!

After that, Sab and I went to colour our hair at Hard Rock Bali's hair salon.

Before. Spot the black roots?


The dyejob was about 40 bucks for my length. Not too bad!

We went to Hard Rock Cafe after that for a good dinner. The burgers there are ginormous!

The next day, we went shopping! Didn't find much to buy except for bangles! Didn't even buy any souvenirs for Ching Chong Boy. 🙁 Oops.

The people there are a bit aggressive though! Scared Sab and I a bit. Mostly those sellers at the beach. They kept asking us to go for massages, temporary tattoos, hair braiding and manicures! Luckily I could speak a bit of malay/bahasa indonesia and could tell them to back off. lol.

Took some pics at the hotel and we were off to the airport!

Love love love my rainbow dress!

Can't wait to go back to Bali! This time I'll probably go with Ccb! Tickets are so cheap at S$250 only and there's flights 4 times a week! Our trip was way too short! Next time i'll do bungee-jumping!

Even Ronald Mcdonalds is surfing his way to Bali!

For more info, do check out www.klm.sg!

Thanks KLM and Hard Rock Hotel for making this trip possible for Sabrina and me! Much love!



I’m so excited! Heading to Bali next week courtesy of Nuffnang and KLM! I’ll be going there with Sabrina! It’ll be my first time there and I’m already super duper excited! We’ll be staying at the Hard Rock Hotel! SOOOO PSYCHED!

I think Bali is so versatile! You can go there with your partner for a nice romantic getaway or with your family for some R&R time or even with a girlfriend, which is what I’m doing!

You guys should totally grab some tickets soon! There’s a current promo where you can travel to Bali with KLM Hot fares from S$250 onwards! KLM Flies to Bali 4 times a week! If you are travelling to Bali from 10th – 12th February, leave a comment and let’s meet up! Don’t forget to utilise the online check-in to get the best seats! Updates when I get back!

For more info on KLM, check out www.klm.sg!