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I have a thing for bareback dresses and when I saw this dress from theblogshop (one of my clothes sponsor), I knew I HAD to get it. I loved it SO much that I got it in two colours! One in navy blue and the other in pink!

Absolutely adore the sweetheart/m shape cutting! Here's the pic of the back!

I love the X back! It's not too in your face. When ching chong boy first saw the dress, he was like "oh ok." Then when he saw the back, he was like "woah!".


I wore the dress to the Johnnie Walker party at The White Rabbit and imho, the dress suited the party well!

It was elegant and yet with a touch of sexeh. (oh god, I feel so thick skinned now)

Anyway, here's what I matched the dress with...

Outfit breakdown:

Dress: Bareback dress from TheBlogShop
Bag: Pink heart bag from TheBlogShop
Stockings: Striped stockings from FEP
Shoes: Mary Janes from Nose
Belt: Ribbon belt from TheBlogShop

Just take note.. if you are going braless with your bareback dresses, impish models like Corde would molest you.

Super unglam but I was shocked. and yes, I need a nose job.

With Ching Chong Boy and Mus!

The bf enjoying his whiskey.

It seems like I don't have a single proper pic of ching chong boy that night.

Ending off with a nice picture of meh. :p

More Outfits of The Day (OTD) posts will be coming up soon!


For the final Majolica Majorca meeting of the year, we met up at Bar Bar Black Sheep..

Bar bar black sheep is located at a little nook in Robertson Quay. Very cosy place.

We had a cosy session with the girls, just catching up and enjoying ourselves. This is why I like being a Majolica Majorca ambassador. Not only do I really adore the products, (i do! Just check out my makeup pouch, it's all MJ products), the girls and I really have a great friendship tpgether.

Some pics from that day.

Steak was so-so. Next time i'll try the burgers instead!

The pretty Shiseido girls.

Us Majolica Majorca ambassadors.

I know you girls are going mad over Chapter 29's products. :p

Basically, there are 2 new items for Chapter 29.

My FAVOURITE is the Majoromantica.

Super limited edition. Will share with you guys more in my next entry!

Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo in RED! Specially for this festive season.

Ending off with my outfit of the day!

Structured chiffon white pussy bow shirt and ruched possum black skirt from TheBlogShop. Striped stockings from FEP, black/white wedges from Charles and Keith and Kate Spade bag from LovesCoach.

Next entry! I'll show you how to rock the RED look