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This is a Caturdays! Pictures of cats entry under my themed blog posts! For more info about the themed blog posts, do read the entry here.

Long time blog readers may know this, I used to keep cats. Unfortunately almost 3 years ago, my last persian cat Baby Boy passed away. It was painful for all of us.

We took a long time grieving over our loss. More than a year, in fact. Especially since he had passed away suddenly.

After 2 years, I finally felt ready for a new addition to my life. Another cat. My father has been wanting one to accompany him. And we agreed to adopt a kitty for him, a family cat yes, but mainly for my dad. Meaning when Skai and I move, kitty remains with him.

I am actually active in a few Facebook cat groups. Had actually saw a few times where people were looking for owners for cats. There are always cats up for adoption. I would highly recommend you adopt rather than buy from pet shops. There are so many cats that need a loving home.

I had made an offer previously for a kitten but it was soon adopted. 🙁 After that, there was a posting looking for people to adopt those kitties.


When I saw the pic, my heart totally melted. We contacted the owner F and soon made arrangements to adopt a little furry one.


The cutie pie.



The kitty was about 2 months old and had distinctive markings.


While we were thinking of names, I decided to call it something with the letter M as he had an M marking on his forehead.


Names that we thought of were: Magnum, Magneto.. The mothership thought of Max but I thought it was too 'human'. C(hubby) then suggested Miu Miu.


Say hello to Miu Miu! I've started a hashtag for him on instagram : #miumiunotprada. Reason being is that hashtags like miumiumeow, miumiucat, miumiuthecat were taken up and I wanted something unique.

I had Prada bags so I thought it was cute to have a hashtag that indicated #miumiunotprada! I also started a Facebook page for him as I was spamming my personal FB page with his pics. Do Like Miu Miu's page here! And so, this begins Caturdays! Pics and stories of the little gremlin!

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