Wedding Videos


You've probably seen the morning highlight video! Here's the full vid inclusive of the evening dinner portion!

Skai & Nadia - Wedding Highlights 1.3.14 from The Wedding Paparazzi on Vimeo.

Can't believe time has passed so fast! Hope you've enjoyed reading my wedding entries!

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I decided to post up ALL of my videos by The Wedding Paparazzi in one blog post for my reference! When the final wedding video (usually shared 3 months after the wedding) is ready, I'll update it here.

ROM prep video 1:

Skai & Nadia Webisode One- Singapore Flyer from The Wedding Paparazzi on Vimeo.

ROM prep video 2:

Skai & Nadia Webisode Two- ROM Dress & Bouquet! from The Wedding Paparazzi on Vimeo.

ROM prep video 3:

Skai & Nadia Webisode three- Makeup trial from The Wedding Paparazzi on Vimeo.

ROM video:

Skai & Nadia Webisode Four- ROM at the Singapore Flyer from The Wedding Paparazzi on Vimeo.

#nadskai1314 morning highlights:

Skai & Nadia - Wedding Highlights from The Wedding Paparazzi on Vimeo.

We were first recommended to them by a mutual friend Barffie. As someone in the industry, I highly valued her recommendation. The c(hubby) saw their works and fell in love with them! He liked how it showed the couple's personalities rather than looking like a generic cookie cutter sappy vid.

While TWP might not be the cheapest, honestly, I felt that they were the best. Skai and I are not the typical couple and let's be honest here, I am not a shunu kind of girl. I'm vocal, loud and chorlor. And I really loved the rapport with the TWP peeps which was why we engaged them again after the ROM. <3

Do consider using them, so far so good for us! The Wedding Paparazzi is offering 10% off any of their packages (except for the ala-carte’s ones) when you quote “nadnut”! Do take note that it’s only applicable for the months of March and April! Do contact them for more info!

On a sidenote, today is our 5th anniversary! Happy anniversary my love! <3