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As some of you guys may know, I had my maternity photoshoot with Ashley Low Photography. I enjoyed the process so much and I loved that we managed to capture the precious moment in pictures. Needless to say, I also wanted a newborn photoshoot to capture the beautiful and magical moment.

Why did I choose a newborn shoot with Ashley Low Photography to capture this moment?

I've already had a great working experience with her plus I've seen her studio. Not only is she very comfortable and warm to talk to, she has a crazy amount of props!

Her studio is also very cosy and comfortable. She was trained and gone through professional newborn photography training which was very important to me because safety was a huge concern to me.

As we chose the newborn shoot, Ashley recommended that we have the shoot happen between 5 - 12 days old. This is when babies are at their sleepiest (where they sleep about 16 hours a day) and is the best time where they can be placed in many cute poses!

Plus the newborn stage only lasts for a very short time! After that, they'll soon be fattened up and will lose that adorable vulnerable look which was why I was very adamant that I wanted a newborn shoot instead of waiting for much later, after confinement.

Before the newborn shoot

I booked a slot with Ashley when Aidan would be 5 days old. Right after the day we both check out! Prior to the shoot, Ashley and her team actually sent across an email asking about my preferences as she'll like to customise the shoot according to our likes.

Some questions she posed were:

- Preference over prints or plain colours
- Choice of neutral or bright colours
- Set up choices: Basket/fabric, Beanbags, themes etc

Looking thru Ashley's previous works, Skai and I really liked colours and prints! Themewise, we also preferred Basket & Beds!

During the newborn shoot

As I "broke" confinement, my confinement lady came with me to the shoot to ensure that I did not eat or drink any nonsense and that I was well rested.

Immediately when I arrived at Ashley's studio, she took over. Aidan had fussed a bit at the shoot and as a latch on demand mama, I looked for a place to breast feed him. Thankfully Ashley has a cosy and private corner for me to do so. She also provided an area to change diapers, if needed! Extremely thoughtful of her!

Ashley Low Photography, nadnut

After feeding Aidan, Ashley soothed and carefully handled him. Honestly, Skai, my confinement lady and I were staring at Ashley and her assistant Stacey all the time watching the way she handled him.

Ashley Low Photography, nadnut

I was very pleased to see that she was very gentle with Aidan! In fact, more gentle than I was. LOL. She comforted Aidan when he fussed and cried and soothed him. The whole setting of the photoshoot was very comforting. She played some white noise and also womb sounds for Aidan to relax to.

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As some of you guys may know, I had a lot of setbacks with my renovation. It was a very unhappy working experience. I know some of you guys have been asking for updates but I've been really busy settling into my new role as a mother (honestly, am functioning with very very very little sleep these days) and I've been neglecting this space of mine. Am also trying to recuperate from the c-section during my confinement.

Not to worry, I will definitely share some tips on the renovation process and the mistakes I faced.

I also will be sharing pictures of my home! Unfortunately, some of the renovation items are not performing well. My contractor promised good quality items however things such as the shower kerb has been leaking many times despite the repairs. Tsk.

Aside from the renovation shit, I was very pleased to have worked with good vendors. Thank god!

While searching for a replacement for the HDB's laundry rack, I found out my ex-colleague's husband is working for Steigen, a laundry drying rack system.

Why did I wanted to change my brand new laundry rack from HDB?




It's so troublesome to use it! The manual pulley system is cumbersome and tiring to use. You'll need to pull and release the cord in a certain angle and I've already heard from some friends that their system has jammed in less than a year.

Also, as I was quite far along in my pregnancy with backaches and all, Skai wanted to take some extra load off my hands.

Of course, there are other options such as an electric dryer but after evaluating the space and considering other constraints, Skai and I felt that an electronic laundry drying rack system was the best option for us.

I spoke to my ex-colleague's husband and he demo-ed Steigen to us. We were sold! He installed the system and we were very pleased with it!



I'll share more info and pictures in another entry soon!

For more info about Steigen, check out:


Steigen showroom:
140 Paya Lebar Road,
#06-19 AZ@Paya Lebar,
Singapore 409015

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri: 10am to 6pm
Sat & Sun: 12pm to 6pm
Contact number: 88186588 / 86993219

Discount code:
Quote "NADNUT" in the voucher code to enjoy a $50 discount for the laundry system

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