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Review: Mellben Seafood

I’ve been going to Mellben Seafood rather regularly since the Toa Payoh outlet is just opposite Ching Chong Boy‘s place. And everytime I tweet or check in via Foursquare, I tend to evoke certain responses from my BFF Jace. “Wah so shiok!” “Bo jio!” “I also want :(“ Ching Chong Boy and I decided to …

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Ching Chong Boy strikes again!

Remember the previous conversation? “Bf is so silly. I told him “I love u”, he replied “I love u”. I said “too!” (Meaning he shd have added too in his sentence”. He replied “5!” Background info: We always say “I love you” or “Love love” to each other everyday. Yes, we are that mushy. Here’s …

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