Merry Xmas everyone!

Have a blessed Christmas with your loved ones! On a side note, I spent my Xmas eve with the barflies and here’s a splendid video done by Ahtiong and MsV! I wonder if CowboyCaleb has seen this… Once again, Merry Xmas!

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Spot a new eye colour anytime!

[Advertorial] I was born with dark brownish, almost black eyes and while I like my eye colour, I do feel bored with them sometimes. Why settle with what you’re born with? I don’t believe in settling with what I have. I like playing around with it. For example, my hair has been through lots of …

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Yours truly...

Online privacy. Be smart about it.

I’ve been reading lots of articles on online privacy and it astounds me on how many people lack common sense. Well, I understand if the older generation are new to social media and all that jazz but for the younger ones like you and me, we would know what to do and what not to …

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