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As some of you guys may know, I collected my keys to my spanking new BTO not too long ago. I joined my BTO group discussion on Facebook since we first ballotted our keys years ago. From the group discussion, we learnt a lot of stuff e.g. beginning of key collections, group deals, tips and tricks!

One of my neighbours had actually recommended and had organised a group buy with Ark Interior who specialises in defects checking.

We decided to take up the deal after reading about the crazy amount of defects other HDB owners have spotted. After waiting 4 years for a premium BTO, one would expect a decent place right?

We were wrong. Upon collecting our keys, Wee Kwang from Ark Interior (at the time of inspection, I understand that he has left to Absolute Inspection now) and his crew inspected our humble 4 room flat.

Ark Interior, Absolute Inspection

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