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Lame buzzfeed like title :p but hey, i got a permanent scar. Bah.

My birthday celebrations started a day earlier! My neighbour Linda had sent a birthday cake and a birthday balloon to the office! Super sweet of her!

My colleagues, our partners and Linda also celebrated CNY by having a steamboat session at Daniel's place then!

When crazy catlovers like Daryl and I see cats. Manhandling happens. I wasn't dubbed a cat molester by my friend Barffie for nothing.

Unfortunately fierce cat = fierce scratch. On. my. chest. less. than. three. months. to. the. wedding. FML!

Till today, the scar is still here. FML FML FML! Anyone has any scar creams to recommend?

Steamboat, gambling and cake with the colleagues! Best gang of colleagues!

Evurl game of in between!

Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me guys! <3

The c(hubby) brought me for a staycation for my birthday the next day but I'll save that for another entry ūüėČ

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Milly's has a new outlet at Far East Plaza #03-141 now! She will be having a gelish promo at only $20 for June! If you are keen on other promotions, quote my nick 'nadnut' to find out more!

I visited Milly's at Bugis with my colleague Sam to get our nails done! We love gelish and this is like my 3rd or 4th time visiting Milly's with Sam!

My nails are glow in the dark!

I wanted something aztec and whimsical and Milly's totally nailed it! Love the end result! Friends also gave me lots of praises over my nails! Have been with Milly's for more than 5 years and there has never a moment where I was disappointed!

Samantha also loves her nails! Nude and glitter tips! Waiting for that woman to POP (her baby) and we could go do our nails together after that!

On a separate occasion, I visited Milly's at Far East Plaza with BFF daintyflair to get our eyelash extensions done! Pity Elaine couldn't join us that day ūüôĀ


We opted for cluster lashes as recommended by Elaine! I tried single lashes previously but it was my first time with cluster! Super love the end result!

I opted for the rather natural lashes this time and would be trying the drama mama ones next time! I'm usually quite dependant on my eyeliner but with these eyelash extensions, I did not even bother with eye makeup at all! Super love the end result! My double eyelid seems to look even thicker with these!

BFFs at Milly's!

Visit Milly’s at the following outlets to get your nails and lashes done! Remember to quote 'nadnut' to enjoy special perks!

Far East Plaza
14 scotts road #03-129 and #03-141
Singapore 228213
Tel: 67376723

Bugis Village Extension,
Level 2 @ Bom Bom street.
Tel: 63384137

SMS: 83835395

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Now that I've gotten the wedding entries out of the way, it's time to finally catch up on my backlogs!

I didn't even realise that I have yet to blog about CNY + my birthday! But I guess that's understandable as it was less than a month before #nadskai1314!

#nadskai's CNY outfit for day 1!

Some background info: I hardly celebrated CNY previously till I met c(hubby). Back then with the ex-ex, I only visited their families but with c(hubby), I have to tag along to visit their relatives. So the concept of buying all new clothes only kicked in when #nadskai happened. LOL. For us, for CNY, we try to go as matching as possible. E.g. Pink-red combo as you can see here. I actually had another outfit but we didn't go visiting on that day, so we didn't use that. Blue-Green combo for that.

I love the colour red and I thought it was most apt for CNY but it turned out that we were the most "huatiful" dressed couple! Do you guys wear red for CNY? Or do you find it too ching chong? Do share your comments! It is most puzzling for me!

This CNY was different for us as the Sims family welcomed their first grandkiddo! Baby Kayla! C(hubby) is now an uncle! Though he insists he shouldn't be called an uncle. Uh huh.

A pic with his cute niece who doesn't mind camwhoring with this strangle auntie.

The cousins and their women.

The next day, we celebrated his cousin Yang's birthday at Red Dot located at Dempsey! Nice place to chillax. Weird green beer though. I don't drink beer but the boys seemed to like it.

Casual CNY outfit! LUCKY top from Cotton On. HUAT again! Curled my hair this time!

C(hubby) wearing the goldfish tee I bought for him from Uniqlo!

Best part about CNY?

My new gold coin 'Y U NO FOLD?!'. Not very appropriate for Ban Luck but what the heck. This year, I seemed to have lots of ban lucks but yet I hardly win. BOOOO!

This year, we also celebrated at Heng heng casino. LOL! It's actually Yulian's place but we called it Heng heng casino as her hubby's surname is Heng.

She has the most adorable Maltese called Nacho which is not only so well behaved but extremely cute!

Can't help but to manhandle Nacho!

This woman Yulian always order/cook a lot of food! How not to gain weight with her?! <3 But it's such an amazing feast! Thanks for the great hospitality babe!

She also bullied poor Nacho in a cute bumblebee outfit for us to take pics. :p

I bugged Yulian to make her famous chocolate lava cakes as it was near my birthday then. Birthday girl wants her birthday cake! She experimented by using peanut butter and it was AMAZING BALLS! This woman, HAS to start taking in orders man.

I will be blogging about the birthday celebrations soon! Do keep reading!

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As mentioned in my previous post, here is my final photolog of #nadskai1314!

Continuing from the previous post… We snuck away for a quick outfit change after the second course.

Usually what happens is that the couples would have a rather tight time changing outfits and a quick touch up. Makeup and hair, that is.

The morning gatecrash video will be showed at this time while the bride and groom get ready outside of the ballroom for their march in. At this time, none of us had seen the video. We peeked in and watched the video too. :p

Skai & Nadia - Wedding Highlights from The Wedding Paparazzi on Vimeo.

Gotta love the expressions captured by our photographers!

Ignore the ass. We swopped places here as we thought to show each "side" our "side".

Although this was a blur pic, I really like this! Shows how colourful our wedding was!

We were then invited up on stage for the champagne toast.

Pointing to where the cork should "hit".

Why can't I be more glamourous at my wedding? #unglamnad

We then invited our families, the brothers, sisters and close friends up on stage for the toast.

Naughty Herbert asked us to kiss till the final YAMSENG was completed. And boy, was it a long one. The Yamseng that is.

And oh boy, the time to say our speech.

We didn't prepare ANYTHING at all. Totally winged it. I remembered saying something wrong ūüė° About my parents always supportive of all of my boyfriendS. Oops. I rectified it immediately by saying of only him. :p

I'll be posting the table to table pics on Facebook but here are two of my favourite ones! Mainly cos it was two of our biggest group of friends!

The barflies.

The biker gang.

In a blink of an eye, the wedding was over. Together with our families, we shook hands with our guests and exchanged pictures & hugs.

Thanks everyone who spared the time to attend our little celebration!

And now… time to spam the honeymoon pics! If anyone needs tips on planning your wedding, let me know!

- Bridal gown from Bridal Closet
- Makeup and Hair from Cindy from Colorpots Makeup
- Groom’s outfit from Bridal Closet
- Bridal bouquet, boutonniere, floral arch, carpet grass, balloons, stage decor from Mirage Flowers
- Accessories from Bridal Closet
- LOVE sign from IM.Perfection

Remember to quote NADNUT to enjoy discounts from the wedding vendors above!

Check out their blog posts on the actual day here!

- Esther’s
- Elaine’s
- Jacelyn's

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A long time ago.... I used to write sad depressed stories. Fictional of course. But truth to be told, they were always inspired by channelling some raw pain i felt.

Instead of expressing that hurt in many ways, such as physically cutting myself (it's an example, i will never do it. Take a chill pill!), i express it in words.

When i got happier, the ability to craft these sad tales seem to disappear. It seems that i really need to hurt to be able to write.

What happens is that i usually start with a line. A line i can't forget. Something that eats at me that i'll craft a whole story around it.

Today, i suddenly thought of a line "the heart that was never there". I feel inspired to write a sad melancholic / depressed tale inspired by that line but the ink runs dry.

Does this happen to any of you?

I am happier beyond belief now. But yet i'm sad to have lost that ability to express raw pain through my words.

Ah well, frivolous photologs and silly words, shall we?

Some stories i wrote last time. Nothing good, but they were just inspired from the pain i felt.

- Her silent cries
- The colour red
- The need yo please
- Questions with no answers
- The pain
- Nothing would be the same anymore
- She never woke up again
- A little magic
- He never came back
- The pain
- A bitter facade
- Building walls
- The stench
- Lost
- Love, lost
- Pieces of a broken heart
- And so.. They parted
- Happiness
- Recurring dreams
- Tears behind her smile
- Her fragile heart
- Sensation of being watched
- Danger beneath happiness
- Be careful of what you wish for
- I'll bleed just to know that i'm alive
- The mask
- Her collection of masks
- Eugene
- The road
- Despair beyond hops
- Loved and lost
- It was her birthday that day. Nothing could go wrong
- I'll be with you, David.