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2014 is coming to an end. In a few days, we'll be ushering in 2015. Have you guys thought about what you've done in 2014?

For today's Monday's Musings, I'm going to "throwback" major events (good and bad) in my life in 2014!

1. Held our Chinese Wedding Dinner (i.e. Traditional banquet) on a special day: 1st March 2014 i.e. 1314!

I loved planning for the celebration and I loved how it turned out. Of course, there were hiccups here and there but I'm glad and love how it was executed. No bridezilla moments, no dramatic family nonsense etc. Murphy was kind to me that day.

2. Chopped off my hair

I went from this.

To this

To this. Chopped it all off! Bigger hair change for the past 5 years of my life.

3. Spent 21 days in Europe for our honeymoon

Spent a lot of money but it was all worthwhile. It was a great experience for us!

4. Gained lots of weight.


Damn pui liao. Have yet to return to the weight prior my initial weight-loss but woah. I gained plenty after the wedding. Mainly due to the pigging out of carbs during the honeymoon. I've also returned to eating carbs (i.e. not controlling my diet) and been rather lazy about exercising. Need to piah again! And yes, picture above shows the fatty cheeks AND the intake of carbs without any restraint. But honestly, kinda bo chup about losing weight liao. I went all hardcore for the wedding actually. Oops.

5. Adopted a cat.


Miu Miu at the vet earlier. Poor boy was terrified.

Say hello to Miu Miu. I have a furkid again! My last Cat passed away a few years back and we've finally reopened our hearts and homes to another cat!

6. Changed jobs.


Some of you guys may know that I was in Product Marketing in a Gaming company for the past 3.5 years. Left in July and joined a Creative Advertising Agency as a Social Media Manager. New industry, new role. Tons to learn. Hope it goes well!

7. Had a UTI

Fell sick. Was down with flu. While sick, developed a UTI. Mainly due to the lack of consumption of water. I am actually a water barrel. SUPER PAIN SIOL. Even had blood lor. Zzzzz

8. Changed my (last) name

Got a deed poll done. Removed Malay "Surname", took Dad's Chinese Surname instead. Now to get the IC done and the other paperwork out of the way.


That's the 8 Major Things That Happened to Me in 2014. How was yours? I'm looking forward to 2015! I foresee more exciting times ahead! Our Punggol BTO will be ready then and we'll have a place of our own! Been slowly researching about Home Decor and Renovation (what a huge headache!) and will document our experiences!

I would love to thank everyone for being supportive of You've followed my journey from the frivolous camwhoring days to getting engaged to losing weight to planning for my wedding! I have never regretted blogging as I loved sharing my experiences. It's more of a Nadia's Lifestyle Blog rather than a Singapore Lifestyle Blog. LOL.

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Well, this is my Monday's Musings entry. Sorry for the long wall of text! I hope that you've enjoyed reading this 8 Major Things That Happened to Me in 2014 musing piece! Are there any other topics that you'll like to hear from me? Do comment and I'll muse about that ;)

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Miu Miu has a fanclub tee!




Just kidding! This tee is from Cotton On. Got it cause it really looked like Miu Miu!!!!


Also, a then and now (meow) comparison. Both mama (me) and Miu Miu has grown so much! OH NOES!




Also, gate has been meshed. The fatty boy can't stick out his fatty paws and head no more.

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[Invited Food Tasting Event]

I was invited by Food News PR for a Brunch Food Tasting event at Salt Grill & Sky Bar not too long ago. I had the pleasure of Shasha (from Food News), Esther and Elaine as my dining companions.

salt grill and sky bar nadnut

salt grill and sky bar nadnut

I have heard of Salt Grill & Sky Bar from friends, fellow food bloggers but this was actually the first time I visited it.

Upon reaching the restaurant, I realised that this was not the first restaurant by Luke Mangan that I've visited. Last year I visited Salt Tapas & Bar!

Salt grill and Sky bar is a modern Australian all-day restaurant by celebrity chef- restaurateur Luke Mangan. It's conveniently located at ION Orchard on the 55th and 56th floors and has been highly raved due to it's choice offerings, service and great view. If you are looking for Weekend Brunch, I would highly recommend Salt Grill & Sky Bar.

salt grill and sky bar nadnut

We were invited to sample their latest Weekend Brunch menu.

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[Invited Beauty Blogger Event]

BFF and I were invited by the kind Kiehl's folks to check out their 13th outlet located in Metro Centrepoint.

nadnut kiehls kiehls

nadnut kiehls

I learnt that this outlet was actually their first store in a Metro departmental store and is also their largest departmental store so far!

nadnut kiehls at kiehl's

nadnut kiehls

nadnut kiehls at kiehl's

The Kiehl's Metro Centrepoint outlet is also their first outlet with a gifting station where one can choose pre packed gift sets or even choose to go cray cray with creating a gift of their very own! I also noticed that the outlet had a "New to Kiehl's" showcase area where customers can view all of the latest products in one glance!

nadnut kiehls

Posing with some Photo Booth props infront of the New to Kiehl's area. kiehls

nadnut kiehls

nadnut kiehls

I tried my hand at packing my very own customised gift set! I think I did not too bad!

nadnut kiehls

If you are wondering about the interesting packaging, you'll be glad to know that Kiehl's has partnered with Craig & Karl to launch the Kiehl's x Craig & Karl collection for this holiday season!

nadnut kiehls

Your favourite items such as the Kiehl's Creme de Corps, Ultra Facial Cream and Calendula Toner has been given a makeover with the limited edition Kiehl's x Craig & Karl packaging!

nadnut kiehls

Do check out the 13th Kiehl's outlet at Metro Centrepoint now!

Pictures by both BFF and myself. 😉

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