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There is only so much I can take. While I do enjoy being around people to a certain extent, I seriously cannot deal with "being super sociable" for more than 12 hours.

I just need time to stone or just do my own thing. This is why I much rather spend time with a few comfortable friends, wh0 knows by now that I just wanna relax and not have to keep putting effort to keep the conversation going like those people you can hang out with who ARE comfortable with silence.

So yeah. I don't feel "sociable" at times and I don't find a need to "pr".

Don't you guys feel the same at times?


Having dated ccb (ching chong boy) say for close to 16- 17 months, I've been a pillion on his bike almost every other day. People have the misconception that riders/bikers are reckless, dangerous, they speed a lot. While it might be true to a certain extent, drivers are also guilty of exactly the same things. (especially NOT checking blind spots.)

I hate it when people stereotype bikers. And you know what irks me the most?

(Click to enlarge)

People like him.

A biker had gotten into an accident at the ECP and had passed away recently.

Guess what did Aaron say?

"A biker buang his bike & die at ECP, made me jam for 45 min + $3 ERP! He's probably going to hell because of that!"

Some people seriously do not use their brains before they talk. I'm sure a biker's death is sooooooo insignificant to poor old Aaron (an A*STAR staff by the way) who had to endure such a long jam and *gasp* a $3 ERP that he found the need to lash out at him and curse him.

No sympathy, no remorse, nothing. Oh. He also added comments like the rider is granted a long break. It's obvious to see that he showed no remorse even after people have chided him and that the only reason why he apologised now (after making fun and laughing about the poor rider at least 3 times despite people telling him off) is that he got "CSI-ed" and Stomped.

It sickens me to see/read about people like him.

Ong Shaocheng Aaron, shame on you!