Monthly Archives: August 2008


When I heard about Fr3b's first blogger event, I was really excited. Sent in my details and hoped to be picked.

And guess what? I'm one of the lucky 6 bloggers picked and there were over 500 applications! I didn't know Fidelis and Holly Jean was chosen too! So silly! We were all in different slots. 🙁

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I had a lot of fun doing up this advertorial. Why so? Aside from the great rapport between myself and the team behind Finding : Dressabelle and the lovely clothes, I went for a photoshoot for this! Seriously, the money paid for the studio rental was worth it! I also recommended a few other bloggers like Jessica, Fidelis and Esther to Dressabelle. So do look out for their advertorials!

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For this week's Would You Rather?, let's envision ourselves in a foreign country...

Where the main language spoken isn't English and you can hardly understand them.

You are travelling alone and unfortunately your phone has just gone bonkers. (Sounds like a horror story hor!)

Would You Rather? be...

1) Broke? (You don't have a single cent with you and unfortunately Mastercard and Visa ain't here to save the day.)


2) Lost? (As mentioned earlier, you can't communicate with anyone.)

Please feel free to elaborate!

Remember to share “Would You Rather?” on your blog. Post up the question and then post the direct link below! Please use the banner, I’ll be changing banners every week. ;)

For those who don’t blog, it’s ok! Just comment below! Thanks!

Don’t forget to send in your suggestions for Would You Rather?, just head here and leave your suggestions!