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im itching to start a meme. (an excuse to camwhore)

would you support me if i do so?

post up pics of you with redbull. if your analnonymous or not camera friendly, you can use your softtoy, cats, dogs, waterbottle, whatnots or what nots. but the main point is, pics of you with redbull, you can pose with it, drink it, balance it on your head, whatever you want to do. IF you are anonymous, then post something of yours WITH redbull.

an example: (old pic taken with redbull, shall take new pics)



post it up on flickr and label it : nadnutlovesredbull

and if you want to, post it up on your blog too!

and oh, if you dont drink redbull, you can always pass me the drink. im tagging everyone who reads me. muahahhaaa.

REMEMBER! its redbull. no other drinks allowed!

im gonna buy redbull tonight and post it up soon! heh. tag me once you're done. REMEMBER! post it up on flickr and label it nadnutlovesredbull! i'll compile it and post it up on my blog. if the response is good, im gonna use it as my banner!

love ya! <3


not shave my head. but check into rehab. shoppaholic rehab.

you know you need help when you go shopping like mad online.
you know you need help when you spotted a waist belt and decided to buy 4 of them
you know you need help when you have done more bank transfers than the number of times you peed today.
you know you need help when the only sms-es coming in is the otp messages.
you know you need help when you realised a whole chunk of your $ is missing.


dieeeeeeee. im addicted to shopping. noooooooooooooo.

lastly... you know you need help when you spotted a furry hat (which you will have absolutely NO use for in singapore) and bought it just because it looks cute and its on sale.

this is bad. NO MORE SHOPPING. (except for the nail art nonsense). i should let tiger confiscate my internet banking device or something.


the idiot strikes again! bah. if you're wondering what he means... remember this... i LOVE steak. 😉

nadnutâ„¢ [mandarin oranges are evurl.] says:
my hair feels like grass

.:tiger:. [ fated not to drive. LOL ] says:
prob cos it's repayment from the cows!

heard this song from R.E.'s dance routine in the dancefloor yesterday.

if you love me then thank you! if you hate me then fuck you!

but of course, they censored the word fuck. typical. hah! nice! anyone has the song? my personal slogan from now on. hahahahahaa. this should be yours too! 😉


yawns. i still think cny is tmd boring. 🙁 i only have 2 angbaos this yr. 🙁 🙁 🙁

remember my previous entry whining about my nails. it was a bitch getting the acrylic nail off. NEVER NEVER HAVE FAKE NAILS AGAIN. washed off my pretty manicure (because of the broken tmd fake nail) and decided to do something silly.

i present.. the candy cane nails!

i see km! hahaa. the nails looks so sweet. but upclose, its tmd messy. yuck.

anyway, because i miss pitstopcafe so very much, we (as in tiger, me, thebeanmaster and his pinky gf) headed there for some fun!

before thebeanmaster and gf arrived, tiger and i tried out hungry hippos.

yes i have a deprived childhood. its my first time playing this. 🙁

i swear my pinky hippo is anorexic! he kept swallowing and spitting his food out. no fair!

finally the couple arrived and we tried out a new game called killing dr lucky. fun!

i snatched the pink token away from pinky! actually her name is esther, but you know me. i like to call ppl i like with some affectionate nicknames. e.g. tiger, thebeanmaster (who is also known as fattyass)...

weekee teaching us the game. i swear this guy.. is so not a camwhore. tried taking his pics so many times and he kept moving.. roar! if it was a camwhore like me, ill drop everything to smile. 😀 😀 😀

and he's such a meanie! he said he's gonna start charging me for rental if my pics cover the wall. baaaaah!!!

thebeanmaster and pinky concentrating on the game.

and erm. i was taking pics of my nice watch plus token.

i realised that i was wearing a pink top, pink earrings, pink watch, holding a pink camera and a pink ipod mini. i now need a pink phone, pink streaks and a pink lappy.

i win you pinky esther!!!! muahahahaaaaa. 😛

went off early. @#$! sian-ed. thought we'll stay till quite late but somebody (read: tiger) wanted to go early. bah. the day was a waste of makeup. *flips hair*

nevermind! this weekend im gonna head to pitstop and play some risk! and hopefully kick some ass. roar!

i'm somewhat glad that i'm going back to work. havent really been back to work (that half day not really counted la) for quite some time. there's lotsa work to clear definitely. 🙁

good thing is.. i finally went to make specs (after losing my specs like a gazillion times)! spanking new specs next week. and yes nerdia will return... but the bad thing is ... the optician said i have astigmatism. tmd.

bsc laoyusheng this friday! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i miss them already! 😉 seems like a looooooooong time since i met all of them (read: xmas).

how was your long weekend? 🙂